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Today I have JLo's Legendary Makeup Artist SCOTT BARNES transform me into JLo. #SNATURAL xo's ~ Tati

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An actual ARTIST! He applies makeup like he’s painting wow

Author — nari


I love how he comes right out and admits that his makeup is meant for media and would be surprising for every day.

Author — Simba Lantana


the amount of times i've watched this...

Author — fr0zenintimeee


It's so funny that people still freak out & scream "HOW does Jlo look so glowy?"
She's no different than anyone, just covered in creams & tanners with hi lighter.

Author — La Haza


I LOVE THIS. His transparency about changing his approach depending on the woman/light; how he notes that the look would be too much everyday; and his confident, humble demeanor. October 2021 and still watching

Author — Jackie Duchon


It's crazy comparing YouTube MUAs and actual PROFESSIONAL MUAs. It's so classy and elegant and just WOW

Author — Rebecca Darmanin


he literally wiped off her face and got her a new one 😂

Author — Nikolas bastiera


There was a moment where the contour looked so wild and then it just pulls together and suddenly looks flawless. Just amazing

Author — Ellie Taylor


It's sept 2021. Still watching this occasionally. Scott is an actual artist and I hope we get more Scott in the future.

Author — Sverige ÅÄÖ


I love how he comes right out and admits that his makeup is meant for media and would be surprising for every day.

Author — Cheryl Millsap


Scott is the thick, tan, kind, makeup daddy we need in this world

Author — Devin Kates


I come back to this video every once in a while and I'm always MESMERIZED by Scott's talent. He's a true artist and in a league of his own.

Author — Krystina Valdovinos


This woman has a beautiful foundation (or palate) for makeup application. Great cheekbones, eyes, smile, skin, skull shape. Basically, she's naturally beautiful without makeup.

Author — TheLanard


I’ve never cared about makeup as much, but THIS is exactly why….he’s literally 🔥 I’ve just found a new love for it!!! 😍😍😍

Author — Bfly Vanessa


i LOVE how he says “ugh can’t stand it like nobody looks like that it’s abnormal” as he’s doing makeup to make her look like a supermodel. he is so funny😂

Author — Gracie Price


can we talk about the fact that scott contoured with a literal paint brush

Author — miranda


I love his energy. He’s so confident and lovely. Miss you Tati I stopped watching you in 2017 so I’m happy I’m gonna catch up to now. Stay healthy and happy.

Author — Samantha Ramirez


I think Scott just helped me put together the missing pieces to some of my digital painting for faces. The Bob Ross inserts are definitely on point!!

Author — Alicia Sauder


You look really good with no makeup. You can definitely pull off the natural look!

Author — C C


Scott is so freaking FUNNY! I just love the fact that he’s been a painting artist and that he got an make up artist by accident!

Author — NinajGful