10 REASONS to VISIT KYIV (Honest Guide)

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10 REASONS to VISIT KYIV (Honest Guide) 5

Your ultimate travel guide to Kyiv... well, sort of. Here are some of the reasons why to visit Kyiv and our tips on where to eat and what to see. You'll have an amazing time, trust me!

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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš

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Sláva Ukrajině, z Čech! Красиве місто, брати. :)

Author — A


which camera and lenses have you used to shoot this video ? very well shot :)

Author — Maneesh Saxena


Love Ukrainian brothers from Romania💜🇷🇴🇨🇿🇺🇦

Author — DARIUS.Calisthenics


Czechs and Ukrainians are brothers 🇨🇿🇺🇦❤️

Author — Call me Olo


Definitely looks like a place worth visiting. I was quite impressed from what I saw.
All the best to all Ukrainian people. With love from Prague. :*

Author — Jan


Some things to note in Kyiv based on the 10 or so times I've visited in the last 2 years:
1) remember Ukraine is NOT (yet) in the EU or the Schengen area - so you may or may not need a visa. UK people don't though you may get asked that at passport control or suchlike. Also the land border between Ukraine and Poland can result in long waits depending on time/day and where you are crossing. Crossing on a Sunday is particularly bad.
2) EU roaming does not apply for phones. When I go to Kyiv from the UK I get charged £2 a minute for calls and £8 per *MEGABYTE* of data. Get yourself a cheap SIM from Kyivstar or another local company while you're there.
3) Finding someone in a shop/restaurant/bar who speaks English can be a bit hit and miss. Younger people tend to know a bit of english, older people usually none at all
4) As Janek mentions, tourism hasn't caught up with Kyiv yet in quite the same way as (say) Prague or Budapest - service can be...erratic and waitresses, hostel staff and such can be a bit surly by western standards. The food is excellent but don't rely on everyone in your group getting their food at the same time
5) there are very few party-type hostels in Kyiv. Maybe even just the one. Many hostels are more like boarding houses with semi-curfews and suchlike. A lot of them have a fair few locals looking for work or between apartments. If you're looking for a hostel place with a bar and more of a party atmosphere then Dream Hostel in Podil is possibly your only option. If you're just wanting somewhere to leave your gear when you go sightseeing, a good hostel can be as little as 5 euros a night. Just read the reviews carefully, especially if you want to check whether there's anyone there who speaks any english.
6) A lot of the nightclubs and bar have quite strict door policies. If they don't like the look of you, then you might as well walk away. Unfortunately in a few places people of a darker shade of skin might find it virtually impossible to get in. Kyiv is not quite the multi-cultural country as those further west. Attitudes from a few might come across as more...shall we say...old fashioned.
7) You can't take suitcases on the metro without buying a second ticket.
8) Wizzair and Ryanair are falling over themselves to do cheap flights from Kviv, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa - even if you can't get a direct flight from where you are it might be still viable to go via Poland, Budapast, Bratislava, Riga, Vilnius and a few other places. Many ukranians work in places like Poland so there are cheap fares - we're talking £10 for a one way ticket to Warsaw. That's AFTER taxes. I'm not kidding.
9) Kyiv has Uber. Would strongly recommend it. You can get a 20 minute journey for 2-3 euros.
10) Go to Palata no.6 - that's the bar where if you order certain drinks they set your head on fire. Kind of. Look it up here on Youtube.
11) It's "Ukraine" - NEVER "the Ukraine". That's what the Soviets called it. Also get in the habit of spelling it "Kyiv" as opposed to "Kiev".
12) The place Janek showed you Lisova has a HUGE second hand clothes market. It consists of loads of stuff from the rest of europe that's been donated or given away. You will find literally anything from super-obscure football shirts to leather jackets. The good stuff is on the racks but more expensive, the stuff in not so good condition is in good piles but will never be more than about 30UAH per item. Though you might want to keep an eye out for fakes. Some areas of the market have stuff tagged with a price and different days have different discounts.
(the next ones were added about a day later)
13) I'm probably asking for trouble adding this - If you're a single guy using tinder or suchlike in Kyiv, expect plenty of matches - however while girls in Ukraine are almost uniformly stunning, you will encounter a number of hookers. That said, they will make it very plain that money needs to change hands very early in the conversation. If a girl asks you to go on viber/whatsapp within a couple of messages, expect the first message on there to be a price list. There are also a few girls who, while not hookers per se, will require money/gifts for their time/company. If/when you do get a date on there with someone who isn't the type mentioned earlier, don't expect to be going back to her place at the end of the night just because you're from the west and have a bit of cash - attitudes are more....traditional over in Ukraine. Go steaming in looking for someone for a one night stand and you'll be quickly called a sex tourist. You will find a lot more ladies looking for a long-term relationship than wanting to hook up. Oh and the gentleman always buys dinner :P
14) Kyiv. Is. Safe. Don't let your local press tell you that Ukraine is "war torn" or some shite. The conflict in the Donbass is like 600-700km away from the capital. If you were in london and a bomb went off in Berlin, would you dive for cover? Exactly. You will see soldiers in the streets of Kyiv, but only in the sense they are travelling to and from places rather than on duty. Besides that and a few more army recuitment or "support our troops" style posters around, you'd never know anything was going on. That said - DO NOT travel to the Donbass region. If you want a bit of danger, go visit Chernobyl.
Aside from the usual warnings that apply when abroad like being aware when using an ATM or being on public transport, walking the streets of the city day or night should go without a hitch.
15) Be careful crossing the road - drivers in Kyiv often take red lights as more of a suggestion rather than an instruction.

Author — Jayfive276


Went to Kiev. Beautiful city . Amazing people. Great history. Hello from Israel.

Author — Ilya Tombak


Wow. This is THE best Kyiv guide I’ve ever seen. Great work!

Author — Max Kulinich


Great video, Kyiv is one of my favorite cities

Author — Aaron Explores


Impressive that "Dva pyva, buď laska" translates almost perfectly into Czech as a request for two beers, so much so that I didn't notice it was Ukrainian until the end of the video. Thought it was just kind of a weird phrasing or something. The more you know!

Author — Joe Greene


As Czechs we should honour our friends from Ukraine! Thank you!

Author — PanRasputanek


Definitely checking that city out ! Much love from Houston, USA 🤝

Author — kpopsauce


i love your Ukrainian! It sounds great and almost without any accent)

Author — Yana Sabliash


I was in Kyiv last year for 2 weeks during Eurovision and I totally agree it's amazing city: cheap city and great food and beer!

Author — eurotoby


Think I need to add Kyiv to my wish list this looks great and you seam to be having a great time ! Got to be one of my fav video you have done outside the Czech republic! I am from the UK but love Prague try to get there once a year . Love city breaks starting to tick places of the list but it keeps getting longer. Lol

Author — Veronica Rains


Kyivska Perepichka..
Sounds quite funny in Serbian.
The beauty of Slavic languages! :)

Author — Vladimir Spasojević


I think you did Kyiv very proud. I'm going back next year....well done you two. ..

Author — The Parrot Rescuer


Please make more videos about different cities in Europe as Warsaw Dresden Vienna etc

Author — Farhan Ali Syed


4:57 "ty vole no way" :D :D :D best

Author — Zeru


There Metro Token costs 8 UAH? Been there in January, a Metro token was just 4 UAH. Maybe I should invest in Metro Token :)

Author — mema