Police: Active shooter at Aurora, Illinois business | CNN Breaking News

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Police: Active shooter at Aurora, Illinois business | CNN Breaking News 4
A source with the Aurora Police Department confirms to CNN that there is an active shooter situation at a business in Aurora, Illinois, which is located about 40 miles west of Chicago.
The source says all police command staff left the department for the scene.
We have no word on any injuries at this time.

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THIS is what a real national emergency looks like!

Author — Sierra Wilkinson


Where's a wall when you need it? Trying to keep America safe building a wall but most of the times the American citizens are the danger. Lol

Author — CCGArcana


wow you would think with the strict gun laws in Illinois this wouldnt be possible.

Author — neck bone


Shit was crazy when I passed by there, RIP to the deceased 🙏🏿

Author — Drunk Raccoon


Mass shootings and gun violence are the real national emergencies.

Author — IT'S ME FROM 713


"Guns kill people, with human assistance." - Me

Author — Video Archives


Yes Orange Man Bad! Transgender is our future! Late-term Abortion good! Walls are Racist.

Gender is a social construct!

Author — NPC #804353 Non Binary


This is so sad when will this shooting stop. This innocent life’s that’s are being taken may RIP. It’s 2019 shootings are still happening.😔🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Author — Victoria M


"Thoughts and Prayers" from Trump as spends his weekend Golfing at his personal resort after throwing the political climate unto chaos with his "emergency"

What a freaking joke

Author — Zachary Hefner


And here I thought 2019 will be a year of no shootings

Author — Jn vlogs


I was in school at the time we were in a soft lockdown we didn’t know what was happening until we checked SD129 R.I.P to all the people who lost there lives and God bless people who were injured

Author — Jaden M


2012: Aurora, Colorado
2019: Aurora, Illinois

Author — Ian Miles Chungus


Yay!!! Another lunatic that was able to buy guns!!! I'm beginning to think the NRA is in bed with the National Casket Manufacturer's Association.

Author — Leonel Ventura


Trump has done nothing about this epidemic.

Author — Mantis Shrimp


This is so sad Aurora is like my second home town 😭

Author — Clout Hoe


Welcome to America, the land of freedom and extreme violence...

Author — Exterioris-vallem


Oh Dear, I'm shocked. Another psychopath with a gun? You don't say...

Author — Lilly Frost


I been jonesing for an active shooter story on CNN. Been awhile since I had my fix.

Author — Joe Smith


Time to call for another “moment of silence” and “pray”... as if that helps...

Author — Kat M


the tweet reply "can i get a rip in the chat"

Author — julianne d.