Police: Active shooter at Aurora, Illinois business | CNN Breaking News

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Police: Active shooter at Aurora, Illinois business | CNN Breaking News 4
A source with the Aurora Police Department confirms to CNN that there is an active shooter situation at a business in Aurora, Illinois, which is located about 40 miles west of Chicago.
The source says all police command staff left the department for the scene.
We have no word on any injuries at this time.

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wow you would think with the strict gun laws in Illinois this wouldnt be possible.

Author — neck bone


Welcome to America, the land of freedom and extreme violence...

Author — Exterioris-vallem


Mass shootings and gun violence are the real national emergencies.

Author — IT'S ME FROM 713


Yes Orange Man Bad! Transgender is our future! Late-term Abortion good! Walls are Racist.

Gender is a social construct!

Author — NPC #804353 Non Binary


Oh Dear, I'm shocked. Another psychopath with a gun? You don't say...

Author — Lilly Frost


Don't worry everyone, Trump will send his "thoughts and prayers"!

Author — Suzy Q


The day this clown announces a national emergency....people are shot at by another pop up shooter.

Author — matthew eyo


To all of you idiots that talk about this being a national emergency, thank GOD that you don't hold a job that matters here.
Where is your local authority, Police Chief, Major and most importantly the Governor. These elected officials are supposed to do something about their city and state, ghats why they were elected. If everything that happens were the responsibility of the President, then they should be fired!!!
You idiots just make me laugh. Guaranteed all of you take orders, incapable of being a leader. Just STFU and let the local officials do something. Although those idiots haven't done anything. Hence the reason that they have been called out by the President since he took office.
This didn't just happen.

Author — xxArsenalxx


People losing jobs, losing money, killing people. But lets spend billions on a wall that won't work

Author — Dank Mheems


1, 153 people killed in mass shootings since 1966. Tragic but not an emergency. Stats provided by Washington post counter that updates every time there is another mass shooting.

Keep some perspective folks. This is not a reason to give up the 2nd.

Author — Shawn


This is so sad when will this shooting stop. This innocent life’s that’s are being taken may RIP. It’s 2019 shootings are still happening.😔🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Author — Victoria M


I was in school at the time we were in a soft lockdown we didn’t know what was happening until we checked SD129 R.I.P to all the people who lost there lives and God bless people who were injured

Author — Elia E


You will reap what you sow.
Stop fearing! Wake up!

Author — J Lind


So is the wall going to protect the people of Illinois what we need for protection from is from the NRA. And angry people

Author — Manuel Villacana


not a Republican or Democrat issue, not a gun control issue, this is a untreated mental illness issue.
leave your hate comments 👇

Author — Conscientious objector In the Ham


Could this be a National Emergency? Not some dam wall.

Author — Jay Johnson


this literally happened ten minutes away from me. please keep our community in your thoughts ❤️

Author — JacksShows


Shit was crazy when I passed by there, RIP to the deceased 🙏🏿

Author — Drunk Raccoon


Walls up around, Chicago, Rockford, Elgin and Aurora. Keep the crime contained👍🏻

Author — Workstation


Illinois what happened! All that gun control and yet this.

Author — Redfestiva bo