Open Dialogue: Edward Snowden, Live from Russia | Dalhousie University

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Open Dialogue: Edward Snowden, Live from Russia | Dalhousie University 4.5

With international digital security scandals in the headlines, now more than ever people are asking, “As global citizens, what are our rights and responsibilities when it comes to privacy?”

This drove the conversation with former American intelligence officer and fugitive Edward Snowden at Dal (via livestream from Moscow, Russia). Professor Frank Harvey, Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at Dalhousie University, agrees. Dr. Harvey was moderator for the Snowden discussion, accompanied by Mr. Snowden’s legal counsel, Robert Tibbo.

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So it seems Russia is the only place where western whistleblowers can be safe..

Author — El Supremo


I wonder how many people still believe the "official" version of 9/11...

Author — Lodewijk Langeweg


Much appreciated, Thank you Mr. Snowden!

Author — Craven Caremell


very bad sound in the middle of video.

Author — AFGboy 0093


Well said Edward :)

Loved the filmed, really helped explain your story.

Thank you.

Author — MrJJuK


At about 57:00 the audio gets garbled and almost impossible to hear. Why did they wait so long to let Edward know there were audio issues?? His audio was unintelligible for 15 MINUTES, which included the most important information!! Once they finally got his audio fixed, they didn't have him repeat any of what we missed. Instead, they just skipped to questions. Very disappointing!!

Author — Robin Rae Swanson


The video becomes very choppy nearing the one hour mark. I wonder if this is intentional interference?

Author — David Bate


I’ve decided I need to be more self sustaining. I am way to reliant on society for basic necessities. so I purchased 10 chicks and I shall name one of them Eggward Snowden in honor of this man who made the heroic decision to enlighten the people of mass violation of rights. Thank you for your service ❤️

Author — Bob Landon


It was an enjoyable evening. One aspect bothered me and my students who were attending. It was touted to be part of an "open dialogue" series. However, it was 'managed' to the hilt. Dal students were selected to ask questions in advance. Don't have a problem with that, but there was no time, nor opportunity, for anyone else in the public to ask Snowden questions. It seemed like there were so many Dal students lined up that they had deliberately 'structured it' that way. Sure Snowden went overtime. Not your fault Dal organizers, but you should have alternated the forum for asking questions. Now I will assume that was an honest mistake by the organizers, but they should correct that in the future. If they don't they should recognize and accept the critique that in trying to be 'part of the solution' by their actions they are in fact, more part of the problem. Thank you for opening the forum up to the general public, but please open the forum up....

Author — Michael Butt


USA Federal NSA gave a thumbs down. No surprises there.

Author — Pentu Prager


We need to understand the balance of power between ordinary people (private citizens) and public officials rights. When the highest officials among us are held to the lowest standards and the least of us are held to the highest scrutiny where does that leave us?

When we have this inversion where the government knows everything about us and we know nothing about them because of state secrets, where does that lead us? When the laws for so many years have been at least intended or we hope was engineered to protect us are increasingly used to violate us where does that lead?

I would say to you do no take it lightly when you run into conflict with the law, but remember that what is legal is not necessarily moral! That is not to the determinant of right or wrong and sometimes the only moral decision is to break the law?...

Author — Bernard Marrast


I can’t be the first comment...what’s wrong with everyone. Why does no one care about his topic anymore...

Author — Rafael roberto Mozqueda


Conclusion: Russia is the only safe place for whistleblowers..
Looks like table have turned, isn't it?

Author — BlackLibertyOne


US Gov has been using the rhetoric of a 'powerful enemy' out there somewhere that every citizen should lay down their liberties for for decades and decades, this is not a new notion at all, it''s simply has been augmented 1000x by the technology and corporate media. No privacy..., and soon the rhetoric will be - privacy is dangerous and this message will be weaponized against anyone unwilling to give up all their freedoms - as some terror force everyone needs to be afraid of. US / Britain are truly not far off from becoming to be Gestapo regimes, with unlimited grasp and control over corporate media, backed war mongering neocons.

Author — doremidoredo doremifasol


Venezuela un buen ejemplo el lavado cerebral ya ha alcanzado puntos nunca vistos🤑🧐😤😨🤕, mas importantes que TRUMP y su elección sitcom + fake news/ 😨🐏🐑😰preparense pronto zombis de eye phones en el planeta/ 🐏🐑😰🤑😨🤕😥

Author — v Bremont


I am so sad...Much better to move to the jungle.

Author — Karol Tiggs


Population control *used to* be static: one way mass communication/propaganda. With the fruits of WIlliam Shockley (crazy racist elitist fascist man's) discovery of the Transistor, Propaganda is now DYNAMIC. It's a repeated engagement, over time, customized/targetted to the individual predilection. Data is being collected all the time. It's propaganda with a feedback loop. What Oxford U calls "Computational Propaganda". Humanity Beware. Actually most people are complete douches, so this won't matter.

Author — klam77


is this even real Snowden or AI generated deep fake images?

Author — MrJetMango