Nintendo used to be GOOD at N64 Emulation..what happened? | MVG

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Nintendo have developed internal N64 emulation solutions since 2002, and in the past they have usually been of a high standard, but somewhere along the way, things have declined. In this episode we take a closer look at the history and what went wrong.

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1:16 It appears that you have Gamecube and Wii VC footage reversed in all of your screen captures. Gamecube footage is easily identified by the red and green button colors at the top right of the screen.

Author — Neil Purcell


It’s upsetting how the company that’s the most anal about stopping emulation offers the worst options for playing their games

Author — William Mackay-murphy


I'm not sure how widespread it was, but the community took the GameCube's N64 emulator and successfully got other games running in it as well. Trying it out with Mario Kart 64 was a pretty fun experience!

In regards to NSO: Between the fog issues in Ocarina of Time, input lag, and most shockingly (to me) the Controller Pak issues I'm absolutely shocked it made it out of QA in the state we have it now. Others here have mentioned Stephen leaving, and that's incredibly concerning if a single person leaving the company can result in this much of a downgrade this quickly.

Author — MrMario2011


When you have access to your own source code, documentation, and possibly devs who worked on the hardware, and you're legally able to access and utilize those resources, and you still can't outdo some hobbyists who have to try and reverse engineer these consoles, that is extremely pathetic.

Author — Lord Immortallix


A little correction, the black filter removal doesn't require romhacking. You only need to edit the configuration file for the emulator.

Author — skilarbabcock


What a pity. I'm just going to look forward to emulating these the way they deserve on the Steam Deck.

Author — Luke Watson


A company that knows all of the internals of their hardware should be able to make a better emulator

Author — Das Kampffredchen


Advice: you can use the "slo-motion" feature on a smart phone to track input lag. Bonus: connected to a CRT you can actually count the frames of lag by advancing frame by frame in your video and checking were the scanline is :)

Author — Jacob Pederson


This is why I still do all my old school gaming on my PC. The communities passion will always surpass any given company.

Author — Michael O


“I don’t think it’s reasonable to make someone pay for a game and then prepare a network connection and charge a monthly fee.” -Satoru Iwata

Author — Sir. Fender


The fact that they were lazy enough to release it in this state to begin with, gives me no faith that they are going to fix it later. If they cared, then they would have cared to release a quality emulator on the first version. What they've released now feels like a beta. The worst part is that people seem to be buying it.

Author — L


Fun Fact: Playing Wii VC games in the Wii U's Wii mode has less input lag than actual Wii U VC releases, even ones of the same game.

Author — KevinPike


It could be understandable that they used a "generic" emulator for N64 if they made a lot of games available from the start.
It there were 100+ games in that service I could see using an approach for easy switching between titles in overarching navigation VS individual emulation per game.

But they started the service with less than 10 (16 if they include the rest they showed) games!!!

That's basically the worst of both worlds...

Author — Overlord Alfredo


What I can’t believe is that Nintendo, despite having the documentation of their own hardware, isn’t able to make a decent emulator. The emulation community gets better Results using reverse enginery.

Author — Juan Manuel Santoyo Urbina


They also released Zelda: Collector's Edition for GameCube which had Ocarina of Time on it, and went through the trouble of adding Majora's Mask, which was tough to emulate, onto it along with the first two Zelda games. Granted, Majora did not perform all that amazingly because of how technically difficult it was to emulate due to the Expansion Pak. But it says as much when you start playing the game.

But it was still really good for what it was, and they even had a custom PAL 60Hz version of Majora in Europe if I recall, and a Japanese version that combined the new features of the US/Europe versions with the unique qualities of the Japanese version (JP version has 3 files, no owl saves, US/EU has 2 files with owl saves--and so does the Japanese GC Majora version, for example). They spared no effort in trying to make it as playable as possible, but the game does crash from time to time. If you disable the Rumble Feature, it happens far less often, though.

Suffice it to say, they did not spare any effort back in the GC and Wii days to ensure the games were playable and ran as well as they could muster given the hardware.

Author — DarkBowser64


Still terrified of the thought of how Majora's Mask will be like on the NSO, if Ocarina of Time is anything to go by.

Author — SargeantMario101


This was so interesting. I had that original Gamecube version of "Ocarina" when it was first released and I always just assumed it was a fantastic port. Never knew it was emulation.

Author — Alexvander10


Please, could you do a video explaining how difficult is to port the source code of a emulator (C++ in most cases) to VHDL for a FPGA Development Board?

Author — Febo Jarlock


Makes me wonder how homebrew n64 emulators deal with specific issues in games, good video!

Author — Anon _


Thanks MVG! Great work. I appreciate the follow-up on this topic. I would like to see more updates on the channel if Nintendo makes changes in the future.

Author — Michael Tenbroeck