🇲🇾 Is the trial of Najib Razak a political vendetta? | Inside Story

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Najib Razak was Malaysia's Prime Minister until two months ago.
Now he’s a political outcast, trying to avoid being sent to prison for 20 years.

Najib's the first person to appear in court in connection with the 1-MDB scandal and the disappearance of four billion dollars of taxpayer’s money.

He's pleading not guilty and accused the new government led by Mahathir Mohamed of seeking political vengeance
What are the implications of Najib's trial

Presenter: Peter Dobbie

Bridget Welsh - John Cabot University
Lee Jones - Queen Mary University of London
Ibrahim Suffian - Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research

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I remember hearing rumors years ago. He gave very lame excuse in response to the accusations. He seems to be in denial and still carries himself with the arrogance.

Author — neuroticcaffeinated


If he is really so innocent as claimed, he could have cleared his name by asking his Arab donor to provide the bank transaction evidence regarding that billion-dollar donation that was the basis of his explanation behind the money found in his personal account regarding the 1MDB scandal. I'm sure that is all that is needed to provided the 100% proof to prove his innocence. But why is it so difficult for him to provide this proof, anyone with a little bit of brains may ask ? Remember the MACC has concluded that 'so-called' Arab donor can't even provide this when interviewed by them. So why does he need to lie about this donation if he is innocent ?

Author — Alan Wong


Where in the world can you find such freedom even after Najib having being charged with numerous offences.
Al Jazeera can sometimes be unintelligent.

Author — Yeap Soon


From individualised leadership to institutionalised charismatic leadership, must be people driven values driven spirit led.

Author — Andy Kris


What goes up MUST come down including his wife.

Author — Emie W


London said it beautifully...I have only one thing to add there is no limitation to Crime...

Author — Palani A.Subramaniam



Author — said muhamad


He's still one of the old generation of Asian leaders.

You need a fresh generation, people who don't use their power for working into their own pocket, people who want to bring the society forward, show unconditional integrity towards the country.

Stop defending your seat and your post, but work to bring everyone within the society up, from the poorest and lowest, the families, the uncle who did not have the chance to learn anything ... everyone.

The time is 100 % over for the old style.

Author — Peter Kroll


It more on getting back “Citizen injustice”. Not a political vendetta.

Author — CJ Loh


1MDB was initially was set up under the pretext of economic revival. While actually it was to reinforce ethnic Malays to stay in power and Najib was given free hand to arrange it. (This is why till now he still says he is not guilty) Even the recent tussle of power for Premiership is to ensure retainment of power shift within ethnic Malays...

Author — prakash moktan


the downfall of najib razak will be a case study for the younger generation n lesson to future politicians.greed can never be satisfied ladies n gentlemen.

Author — Bharath Dev


Najib always claim he is clean so this trial is good him.

Author — U.A Aziz


Its OK. He may be released by the court of appeal or pardoned by the Agong (like Anwar) and immediately get elected as a pm again

Author — Maumu Maureate


I have been following Najib rise to power since he was first a Chief Minister of Pahang, Federal minister; Defense-Education- Deputy PM and a Prime Minister. In all those years of rising up to power was a man who are actually incapable but being out there to represent the nobles, meaning to say he has been where he had been because of his family connections to the royalty and his father (former Prime Minister). There has been trails of misjudgement on his part, scandals and lack of efficienecy. He inherited a stable and strong economy and economic base but mismanagement of the economy and misuses of funds by his administrations causes major setbacks to the economy and to the people's welfare. Credibility and transparency in governance are the two most lacking elements in his administrations. UMNO and BN could have retained power had they moved on without Najib prior to the GE14 but class and elite politics that has formed the Malaysian government for years still took centre stage, and BN paid a very heavy price for that. As for the corruption charges, every sane thunking Malaysians are looking forward for him to be convicted as a lesson for future government.

Author — Schmuelsons Radang


Carefull najib dont drop the soap in the shower 😂😂😂

Author — Siau Lang


Malaysia was the best country in the world to live in as long as dr Mahatir was prime minister.

Author — Jd Que


Unlikely to be a vendetta on either side of the Pacific.
The US, Malaysia and others are chasing these clowns down on separate charges.

Author — M C


the one who destroy is himself, stop saying he is political victim, people already given him mandate to govern the nation...now we dont even trust this man anymore, what being said from his mouth is totally horseshit....

Author — soupremo1


to us Malaysia... it's fair vengence...
compare the treatment he faced himself vs others (eg. Anwar, Zunar....)

Author — Liew Cheng Yeh


Not political. Court found him guilty.

Author — wann Razman