Ross Kemp: Back on the Frontline - Face-to-Face With The Taliban | Ross Kemp Extreme World

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Ross Kemp: Back on the Frontline - Face-to-Face With The Taliban | Ross Kemp Extreme World 5

As Ross' time in with the British Army comes to an end, he gets one last chance to investigate why the Troops have been in Afghanistan for over a decade. Plus, for the first time ever, comes face-to-face with the Taliban in attempt to answer many burning questions.

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Why does Ross not have a MILLION subscribers? 🤔Best reporter

Author — Moneyandtime Freedom


As Afghan citizens my self, I respect all foreigner troops who put their live on the line to fight terrorist. My condolence to all families who lost their children’s.

Author — Villains Never die


RIP to all of the troops that lost there life for us and the Afghan people

Author — Maxie


Young men dying for old mens war.... SAD.

Author — Pete


That mother has been crying for so long, that she can't cry no more.. Respect from Denmark 🇩🇰

Author — Kuno Buje Østergaard


23:54 He could smoke a cigar in the rain with that shnose

Author — Scrappa


I felt very saddened an emotional for that lady

Author — gian jal


Afghanistan is know as “Graveyard of Empires” every major force which came to this country has suffered losses and was forced to withdraw from Afghanistan

Author — RS


Afghanistan will strengthen it's historical reputation as "the graveyard of empires" when this war is finally over.

Author — rsca is god


Highly professional, with a multi-perspective balanced approach, and fearless in the face of death

Author — shivjit bector


"we fight for our beliefs"
*(getting paid a salary by taliban)*

Author — Math


The poor soldiers losing body parts to fulfill politicians agendas, men dying for politicians

Author — Money


amazing reporter i have fallen in love with his videos hes not biased he says facts and only facts and hes so respectful and chill about most things we need more like him

Author — Charlie Schumaker


I’ll tell you I deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. They’re never going to change. I would like to die thinking that what I did was for a good cause, but honestly I’m really losing faith in that belief

Author — Dude0351


Those boys have the softest voices, it's.. Incredible, truly. I saw the youngest of them on the SAS program with Ant and Fox, he certainly changed a whole lot in just a few years, didn't he?

Author — Mischa


Takes a lot of balls to come face to face with the Taliban Kemp. Wasn't too long ago Daniel Pearl made the same request and I remember a Pakistani Army Captain explaining to me how insane you'd have to be to even request such a visit. This guy, has balls.

Author — Tyrant


Just my opinion, the reason weve been there for over 10 years. Because of rules of engagement.

Author — UKinQ8 Gaming


All I see are about soldier been kill at about Afghan civilian that been killed?

Author — Rizal Rahman


Its crazy how i just finished watching SAS and travis's brother milo was talking about his brothers death

Author — Kevon Campbell


You're always welcome in Afghanistan as long as you leave.

Author — Raymond Leddy Cycle Gran Canaria