From the 60 Minutes archives: Survivors of Josef Mengele’s twin experiments

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Just so you know, out of the 3000 of twins Mengele researched, there was a pair that was not infact- made of twins.

Two boys, 17 and 16 of age, Moshe and Menashe of Hungary, were non-twin siblings. They looked nearly identical and had the same height, but were born a year apart. They, like all the other twins, were taken to block 10 which was a short distance from "The Wall Of Death", where they excecuted prisoners by a firing-squad. Testimonies said that at times Mengale was even kind to them, offering them sweets and closing the windows so the children won't be exposed to the killing outside. On other times they were brutally tortured for no reason.

When it came to the Hungarian siblings, Mengale was fascinated by their throats and vocal cords; he used to inject them a substance that caused them immense pain, and was later discovered to include cancer cells. Both of the boys got cancer due to the experiments, yet only the younger brother Moshe survived (his brother dies at a Czeck hospital once the camp was liberated). Moshe made it against all odds and then changed his name of Ephraim, as a tribute to his brother (two sons of Joseph). He then returned to Hungary only to discover that his immediate family was wiped out. The only survivor was his second cousin, Olga. They both immigrated to Israel, and Efraim was one of the lasts (along with the survivors of this documentary) of Mengele twins to tell his story. He Married, had children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He celebreated his 93's birthday not long ago.

His cousin Olga married, had two sons and lived to see the birth of four grandchildren- 3 boys and a girl. that girl is me.

Let it be our duty, the duty of the next generation of Mengele-Twins families, to guarantee their story is never forgotten. Thank you for this video.

Author — Lipaz Dotan


My parents had friends that had survived Auschwitz, they had the number tatoo. My uncle had been one of the first American troops into the place. He helped send those he could to America. Two of the survivors later married. 'Ted' (that's what us kids called him because we couldn't pronounce his real name) and Gertrude were lovely, wonderful, fun, very kind, loving, gentle, generous people. Gertrude had been one of Mengele's 'experiments'. They were never able to have children because of what Mengele had done to her. But they sort of 'adopted' all their friends' kids, and we were a very spoiled lot after they got hold of us!! Gertrude didn't like to speak of what had happened, but when we 'kids' were in our late teens Ted began to encourage us to ask him questions because he said the more people that knew what happened, the less likely it would be to ever be allowed to happen again. As they got old and it was their time to go, first Ted then a couple of years later Gertrude, some of us, 'their' kids, got together and took care of them. They both wished to pass on at home, we made sure they were able to do that. We took care of them in teams, 24/7, until they each left. We made sure it was as painless and peaceful as possible. After what they'd been through, they deserved at least that much. We still miss them both.

Author — MensaForDummies


This is insane, I live in Germany and didn't even know there's a company with his name on it so proudly showing. This should be absolutely forbidden i can't believe it I feel so sorry to the victims, I would be ashamed to work under that companys name I would rather be jobless my entire life.

Author — Narissa Geim


My youngest daughter had an aide in Kindergarten who was one of his twins. She showed me her tattoo. She is one of the sweetest lady ever.

Author — Kat hie


RIP Eva Moses Korr!! Thank you for being a living witness. May you rest in peace.

Author — Amanda Allen


Doesn't matter 5 or 50 years if something traumatic happens in your life you'll relive it again and again threw your life. Time isn't always a healer

Author — Lynn Mason


Always tormented me that this man who was perhaps the personification of the most evil traits of the Nazis escaped justice.

Author — ozdorothyfan


There are no words to describe their suffering. They deserve justice and massive compensation.

Author — Giovanni Duka


As a twin I can’t imagine watching my twin be tortured 😖. The Nazis are demons.

Author — Julie Wagner


If u get a chance Eva wrote an incredible memoir. She speaks about how she was once so sick. She was desperately thirsty. she just needed water but she couldn't get it easily. So in the middle of the night she crawled to a sink or faucet I can't remember. She knew she had to survive to help her sister who was sicker. A very impactful read.

Author — jessen porter


These brave, innocent people...I thank them for being open and candid for those of us who draw on these stories to perhaps find better ways of helping people - maybe even preventing these sort of horrors from happening again.

Author — M B


It's horrendous and I feel sorry for those people. I was raised as a Muslim. But my heart is soft and gentle towards all human beings.

Author — AngelOne11


I had the pleasure of meeting Eva many years ago at talk she did at my college. She had such a beautiful, forgiving soul. May we never allow something like this to happen again.

Author — Kimara Davis


My heart stays broken for all those who suffered, and remain suffering to this day. My mind rages for the Evil that pervaded the beings who caused abhorrent suffering, which today remains unimaginable! Mengele family members involved with hiding him, etc, should have been prosecuted. Their company should pay reparations to their victims; surviving families.

Author — Isabella C


I’d be so angry and traumatized. What a horrible ordeal to live through. There was a lot of injustice after the war.

Author — slayerette86m


The resilience of the human body and mind is truly incredible.

Author — Matt Mayo


Any decent human being would have changed the name out of shame and in respect for all the people that were treated less than and exterminated. Bless all the survivors and may the ones that did not make it RIP.

Author — Nicola Winning


I shall never understand how any one can hide that monster even if it's family.

Author — #Deno


If a family member did that to others I would tell everyone where they're hiding and help support the victims. How can you support a person like that.

Author — No more


Growing up outside NYC, my family were friends with a mother-daughter pair who survived Auschwitz. When they came off the train, Mengele was there. They both made it through; every other member of their family were murdered.

Author — Liz Finkelstein