The Wonderbolts - What You See Is What You Get

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This is a song about Applejack. Galen wrote it, Mongo sings it. There's also some instruments and stuff. Rock and roll and whatnot.

Song Personnel:
Galen - Guitars
Mongo - Vocals, Bass
Wootmaster - Drums


Well I don't really care if I'm not your kinda filly
Fancy dresses and saddles, always make me fill silly
Since I came back from Manehattan, I know just who I am
A simple girl, family at home
The Apple farmer in command
Don't have no regret
What you see is what you get

My parents were taken when I was just a little girl
They left me with a job to do, Celestia rest their souls
Take care of your sister, take care of the farm
I might not be the oldest, but I'm the one in charge
And I don't have no regret
What you see is what you get

See I never liked a zebra till I met one myself
But I admit when I am wrong, it happened with the bats as well
Sometimes I can be a little stubborn
Sometimes I can be a lot
A little overprotective, she's the only sister I got
And I don't have no regret
What you see is what you get

(Janky solo)

Pinkie Pie's a little needy, Fluttershy's got hidden rage
Rainbow Dash is full of Pride, Rarity seeks center stage
Twilight Sparkle's so high strung, I worry about that girl
My friends all might seem crazy, wouldn't trade 'em for the world
And I don't have no regret
What you see is what you get
What you see is what you get
(Soulful screams of desire)


Mixed and Mastered by Woot "Clipping adds character" Master

💬 Comments

OH MY GOSH a new song from the Wonderbolts and with a new member and it's CLASSIC ROCK greatness and it's about Applejack and so much of her character depth OMG!! LOVE it so much!!! **fangasms**
"See I never liked a zebra till I met one myself"
I know this is about Zecora, but can't help thinking about Wootmaster whose OC is a zebra and who plays drums in this track!! Just perfect XD
That solo SO
"My friends all might seem crazy, wouldn't trade 'em for the world"
<3 <3 <3
I'm those "Soulful screams of desire", hehe <3
"Woot "Clipping adds character" Master" 👌
Also I love that intro, when we hear "environmental band sounds" so to speak, it feels so good to hear that as a music fan, I always love to hear that kind of stuff in songs.
Also how could I end this comment without mentioning that cover art! lol! As spicy as a barrel of chili peppers aged at Sweet Apple Acres. You have a link to the original? For my collection...
Also "Apple Chord after drinking heavily" as the genre, whahaha! Love that <3
Amazing work on this track everyone, what you did so much <3 <3 <3

Author — Makenshi179


Those are some beautiful vocals, Mongo! Looking forward to hearing more from ya'll.

Author — Dragon Aura


I fell in love with this song when I heard it at Whinny City in April. Love the groove, love the grit, overall great stuff.

Author — Shallie Dragon


Great job on the vocals!

And on everything else I guess

Applejack is best pony!

Author — FoolYourself


AJ has always been my favorite pony, and I've always had a real weakness for this kind of dirty southern rock sound. Getting to hear this live at BronyCon last year was an amazing experience, and I can't thank you folks enough.

Author — Kyle Gallimore


This is legit one of my favorite tracks from you guys. All killer, no filler!

Author — BlueBrony


Well done! It sounds like a mix between Black Keys and a Southern Rock band with the voice of... Billy Ray Cyrus? (I don't listen to blues that often)

Author — castleprice


Hay! /)
Do you have an instrumental version? I would love to do this in my singing classes^^
Also: congrats on being No.1 of "Best Brony Songs of June" on BRG (Brony Radio Germany)

Author — BronyLowT


finally!! I loved the live performance at Bronycon last year and been trying to find it ever since!

Author — Endlessocean8


Well done bros! And welcome to the new pone to the band! :D

Author — Koron Korak


I like what I see, where can I get it? ~~
Awesome work!

Author — Wissle