Trump’s America: Great again or big failure? | Head to Head

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Trump’s America: Great again or big failure? | Head to Head 4.5

In this episode of Head to Head, Mehdi Hasan asks Donald Trump's senior economic adviser Stephen Moore about "Trumponomics", the US president’s leadership style, and racism.

Trump has made promises to more than double previous economic growth, revive industries like coal, and slash the debt and the deficit. But has he delivered? The national debt is now skyrocketing to levels not seen since World War II and the trade war with China has experts fearing a global recession.

"Trump makes grandiose promises," Moore told Hasan. "He exaggerates and sometimes I wish he wouldn’t do that. But if you compare where the economy is today versus where it was when he entered office, it’s substantially stronger."

Moore, a conservative commentator and economist at the Heritage Foundation, is also an adviser to the Trump 2020 re-election campaign.

He told Hasan he helped write immigration legislation, referring to a bill supported by President Trump and introduced by Republican senators. Moore, however, said he does not agree with some of the government’s positions on immigration.

When challenged on policies limiting legal immigration and the dire situation in migrant detention centres at the US-Mexico border, Moore said conditions in every centre he visited had been humane.

"But I do believe that until we get the border secure and we get that wall built, once we do that, we can increase our legal immigration."

When pressed further on the numerous false statements Trump has made, like needing an ID to buy a box of cereal and suggesting that wind turbines cause cancer, Moore said, "Donald Trump would be better off to stop talking so much and let his record speak for itself".

"What I'm saying is, what Americans care about is his performance, his results, not what he says and how he acts," he added.

This is the first Head to Head episode with an audience recorded in the United States and marks the beginning of a new series. It takes place in front of an audience at the George Washington University in Washington DC.

We are joined by a panel of three experts:

- Tiffany Cross - liberal commentator, co-founder and managing editor of the US news outlet, The Beat DC
- Rick Wilson - former political strategist for the Republican Party, conservative critic of President Trump, and author of Everything Trump Touches Dies
- Jenna Ellis Rives - constitutional lawyer, member of the Trump 2020 Advisory Board, and author of The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution
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I wold pay 💰 to see trump sitting down for interview with mehdi hasan. It will be bigger than World Cup 😂

Author — ka3abneh


He's like a lair who got caught with a lot of evidences.. lol

Author — Alpha Slayer


Who came to watch this after seeing Donald Trump loss the US Election? ✋😊

Author — Saudiq Baoku


Talk about a tough interview. Good job from a real journalist.

Author — Mark Melville


I just watch a man getting slaughtered by his own hypocrisy for 48 minutes and it was glorious....

Author — Empty Slot


i just watch 49 min of brutal slaughter and it was really fun.

Author — anime king


Mehdi do this interview again before the end of October 2020.

Author — Ty K


I felt Stephen was regretting joining this interview within one minute

Author — Masihullah Hasanyar


“Maths doesn’t lie.”

“Yeah but the Trump administration does frequently.” - Brutal Savagery.

Author — Ahmed Zaidi


“Are you allowed to bring in your in-laws?”

“Er...are they elderly?” - how does that affect anything?!

Author — Em M


Coronavirus while watching this- "They even don't know what is coming"😂

Author — Sujay Banerjee


So refreshing to watch this after Trump lost the election! Hahahhahahahah

Author — niZmo


Long may this video clip persist on the web.
Moore deserved everything he had served up to him.

Author — Richard Christie


this guy got bitchslapped for 48 minutes and 26 loved every moment of it.

Author — David Bruneau


Wow, this was a rapid fire interview, Mehdi you covered almost everything and had that economy guy was totally confused and nervous.

Author — Shadow S


this is just another example why Mehdi Hasan is such a good interviewer. because he does his homework extremely well.

Author — piet de zwart


Excellent interviewer
How am i just now finding this?

Author — Batgirl P


Medhi Hassan did his homework very well & slamming Stephen Moore in every angles. Just simply brilliant!

Author — Merlyn V


I’ll pay money to have trump and this guy go head to head on this debate.

Author — ChuChiTVEEE


I like how the host is calling him out for his hypocrisy. He is eating this man alive.

Author — Gregory Neal