NEW!! Handheld CB Radio, President Randy FCC Handheld CB Radio Review With Weather Alerts, OFF-ROAD!

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Here is the new President Randy FCC Handheld OR Mobile CB radio, thanks to President Electronics for sending it to me. I have always been a user of CB radios and this little gem is officially the CB radio for my future off-road gas powered golf cart. If you are a ham operator and think that a CB radio is a lesser mode of operation, please just unsubscribe and move along. I make tons of contacts on 11 meters every single day and this is the perfect "gateway drug" for younger generations to get into radio as an affordable start into RF communications.
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That would be handy in a gravel yard, job site etc.

I've never found hand held CBs to perform well due to the compromised antenna of course but they generally have better front ends than mobile units. However, when you plug your portable into a good mobile or base antenna they perform wonderfully.

Author — vaughanweather


I grew up in the 60's when you needed an FCC license (KBX-3831). This hobby hooked me into ham radio (K5FT) and now at 70 years young my wife and I travel in our motorhome. Yes I have a UHF/VHF amateur radio on board but I am adding CB since there are so many on the road and I rarely hear anyone on 144 mhz call outs. Come on you folks in the amateur radio hobby, CB is no different from your pocket radio (cell phone) and deserves a place in your rig since it is all about communications. Thanks for a great review - yes I bought one.

Author — MK Sherwood


Nice to see that somebody is innovating CB. I go back to the early days of CB. My first CB was a Tram D-60 for the car & had a Tram D-201 in the house. CB lead to to Amateur Radio.

Author — Wayne KI4UYA


Interesting review. I'm old enough to remember when CB was all the rage. They need to include a much longer telescopic whip with this. I never had kids but I did have a very special friendship with my nephew when he was Landon's age and younger. He grew up and faded away. But he's happily married now with two young boys of his own. 😊👍

Author — David Branscome


Nice review, interesting radio. There are still CB HT's being made, Amazon shows Cobra, Uniden, and Midland units. As far as I can see Midland is still a going concern, they have a website and make a few CB rigs, including the 75-822 HT. I own an older version of that one and it does conversion to mobile really well - the adapter that replaces the battery pack has a nice integrated split cable with a lighter adapter and SO-239. Still has the rubber duck dummy load, but it's on a BNC, so easy enough to change to a full-length telescoping whip. Six AA batteries, extra battery pack housings are available, and it gets weather channels. Just another alternative. President looks pretty nice though, but for those that want options, they're out there still. 73

Author — bj20715


Awesome video Eric!.
If you haven't already done so, I'd place a small raiser under your floor mounted PC as their fans are notorious for sucking up dust especially when doing high CPU tasks leke video editing.
God bless!

Author — John Athanasiou


That's cool. There has been a lot of ssb DX lately on 11 meters some great contacts.
Should try to get a Albrecht AE-2290 handheld with ssb for review 😉

Author — Outdoors with Joe HamRadioGuy


Amazing design and nice audio. I'm thinking of getting a couple of these one day. Thanks for the video.

Author — N1YFA


Eric, your boy Landon is awesome! Please cherish the age he is now. He is old enough to largely tend to his own needs, this age is very curious and fun, and they don’t yet think parents are idiots.

Author — Monty Denney


Fun stuff! Loved my old President Grant when they were new. Nice training technique with your grandson Sir! :)

Author — Phil DuRall


My last CB HT required crystals. Looks like might be fun to try despite using basically a dummy load for an antenna :)

Author — OnAirVoice


I had a Realistic handheld. Had the adapter to connect to my base antenna charger for the batteries, even had a speaker mic for it.
This was back in the days you had to be 18 and licensed. KTN 8858. Which eventually led to me becoming a ham AI4HO!
Bought a Bearcat 980 SSB for the motor home. Gotta get both my VHF/UHF and the CB installed yet. Just installed my old Kenwood TM 700 dual band in our car. Robby put the 705 on the motor home for road trips and then play QRP when stationary for a week or so.

Author — Mark Timblin


DUDE! I used to own a pair of Realistic handheld CB radios from Radioshack - they could only do 3 channels and you needed to buy crystals to plug in to select the 3 channels. The memories I used to have with those!! That one is so much better :D

Author — Travis Bruehl


I have a couple President CBs, they're good radios. I have thought about getting the handheld as I like HTs, might need to get one of those floppy mil-type antennas for it though.

Author — Dad Teaches, and Words to my Son


Seems like a really neat radio. Nice to see a guest on your video as well. Should have him on them more!

Author — Brad Snyder


When I was a kid I had walkie talkies for CB. Walkie to walkie was about 2 miles. Walkie to base was about 3 maybe 4 over regular terrain

Author — Sky1


Realistic had the model TRC-226 with a telescopic center loaded antenna that came with a tnc connector. This antenna also works well on the Randy. Would be nice if President made a similar antenna for the Randy.

Author — ma1198021


Midland still makes a very nice handheld the 75-822 and has mobile kit to use in car. Doesn’t look quite as nice as this president but is very small and functional and also has all noaa weather channel’s.

Author — Nickytembo


Great, now I have to buy another radio. This would be handy on a group ride or off-road trip for the friend who doesn't have a radio installed, or when on vacation and have a rental car and want to hear what's going on with the big backup on the interstate

Author — Gravelbomber


Thanks for sharing your impressions on this device! Highly appreciated! Regards from Germany - Thomas.

Author — Thomas Wagner