Eugen Enin on Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Eugen Enin & the Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125. Eugen Enin´s take at the 3 wheel revolution with these shiny triskates.
Video: BorklynZoo (Shame at you!)

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Really amazing skills here Eugen, lots of surprises and great terrain! beautiful video.

Author — SkatefreshAsha


Awesome video. I dig my powerslide 125mm. The wheels are maybe too hard but it will last very long. Its a great alrounder, fast and manouverable. Just need to master the death of the 4th wheel.

Author — jerseyboynaz


Your amazing love when you make it look so easy keep rolling and keep coming with more videos Thanks!

Author — Mr. C


Finally a sweet video of 3-wheelers! I started to doubt that even the best cannot pull of any tricks with these.
I'm still glad that I got 4-wheelers for freeskating, but I'd love to try out those 3-wheelers some day.

Author — RealationGames


Must be one of the best riders I've seen.

Author — Cristian Sosa


I didn't think this would be possible on 125mm. 😱

Author — Richard Low


Great fun video, great camerawork and GREAT music! Knight the DJ!

Author — Bob Hoskins


Question to the company representatives and to those who have experience using this model or analogues: What are the main differences between the PRO version of megacruisers and usual megacruisers 125 mm? For example (Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser 125 Skates WHITE)

Author — Артём Зайцев


I love powerslide skates very much, but unfortunately I will never have one like this, my dream is to have one like the one shown in the video, but my country doesn't even have a store that sells skates and skateboards

Author — Etiandro Walker


I can only skate like this in my head..yooh thats extra💯

Author — Miss wamboh


This guys is probably the hottest skater currently. He is just phenomenal.

Author — Wicked Crypto


Damn 3 more videos and i think im going to make an order to powerslide lol

Author — Lacasaenlaluna


tengo estos patines hace 2 meses, los saco todos los días, aunque sean ruedas blandas duran, he hecho ya mas de 1000 km con ellos, aparte de hacer el cabra e incluso derrapar. Son bastante cómodos y buenos. Muy recomendables.

Author — Didyer Barrera Estacio


cani know the type of the skates u r using in this video

Author — Jad Zem


Damnnn!! a like and a comment are just not enough!!

Author — Luis Soriano


I am Japanese but I ordered this shoe from Russia!

Author — sool ska


what is the difference between pro and normal version ? And in comparison with 4x80mm wheels is it way harder to skate, do tricks with those ?

Author — kuterv