All about the wallscanner D-tect 200 C Professional

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Do you want to detect and document various objects and need a reliable wall scanner? Our Bosch Professional D-tect 200 C takes detecting to a whole new level. It gives you all the power and in-depth data you need to detect objects, to distinguish between objects and their depth, and document your findings easily.

Multiple view options ensure great results for every application, such as the Spot View that makes detection in hard-to-reach locations especially easy. The D-tect 200 C Professional supports both indoor and outdoor jobs, prevents damage during drilling, and measures concrete coverage.

Our expert Mona introduces you to all the details of the D-tect 200 C Professional and presents you everything you need to know about the functions and applications of the wallscanner.

Features of the D-tect 200 C Prof+C1essional:
- Bosch Radar Technology and modern user interface for precision, higher safety, and clear illustration of detected objects
- Multiple views flexibly offer best results in various situations
- Screenshot feature supports quick and easy documentation; screenshots are downloadable via USB-C™ and SD card slot

It’s in your hands. Bosch Professional.

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Would be interesting to see how to detect water / leakage in the wall, as this is something very outstanding competitors don't have. I would actually buy one only to detect leakage, as I have already an older Bosch Detector.

Author — R B


Thank you for this video. Can you do a video demonstration with the D-TECT 200 detecting different materials on different types of walls/floors? Thank you!

Author — A L


Nice, was watching just to learn how to use the tool, but thought it was cool you included the outtakes! Great info, great tool, thanks.

Author — Mac Hoenicke


Hi, this is a very professional tool. I am using an older model, d-tect 120 with good results. I also have the gms 120 but it is not very accurate. The d-tect 120 is better and more consistent. Is this tool available?
The d-tect 150 is also very similar with this one in the video. But i like the simplicity of the d-tect 120.

Author — Fulop Lehel


Hello the team at Bosch. I've had the Bosch detect 200 for almost a year now. The device works okay, accept sometimes it gives false readings, can't distinguish what it's picked up. Also sometimes it doesn't pick up live cables. Do you reckon a firmware update might work? And when do you plan on releasing more firmware updates? Only one was released last year.

Looking forward to your reply


Author — Daniel Hardcastle