The Future of Speech Online: Part 1

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The Future of Speech Online: Part 1 1.5

The Center for Democracy & Technology, in partnership with the Freedom Forum Institute and the Charles Koch Institute, host a daylong summit that explores the technology of online speech and includes discussions about censorship and circumvention, user empowerment and automation in moderating content.

President and Co-Founder of Tor Project, Roger Dingledine, keynotes the event, which also features speakers from Arena Stage, Clovyr, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Data for Black Lives and more.




Recorded November 15, 2019, in the Newseum’s Knight Conference Center.

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Ha! What a funny title! If this is for real, I can tell you my husband wishes there was no language at all! Ugh!

Author — Carolyn Derricks


Oh brought to you by "THE CHARLES KOCH INSTITUTE" why don't you get Milo Yyininapolounos to go up there in drag, so he can teach kids how to trigger liberals by shouting the N word? That would at least get people's attention, but for Christ's sake, tell that opening moron not to wear his koch association on his sleeve, if he wants people to watch past the. 30 second mark. Oh yeah, by the way, I'm VERY smart, and VERY confident in my stance, so please try to convince me that you're smarter than me, whoever the hell reads this. Just kidding, nobody is gonna read this, because nobody cares about this crappy video.

Author — Pfiehbd Djofjrh