Paragliding with a Bicycle - BIKE AND FLY!

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Music by Andrew Applepie: Yes I Will

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Bike and fly was a fun idea. I think to myself sometimes, what if I cycled and paraglided across the US - or somewhere more suitable for flying. Do you have any other cool flying ideas?

Author — Mark and Alayna Huneycutt


Gotta say brother, this one is my favorite so far. Too kewl!

Author — NCPPGpilot


you should do a video about moving from paramotor to paragliding and the differences ;)

Author — itsADL


That looked fun Mark! I thought about bringing my electric unicycle once, but I'm old and lazy.

Author — Kyle O'Glee


That was epic!! And some of the quirkiest backing music I ever heard. I'm afraid to ask how you found it. ;)

Author — Stan Barankiewicz


Dude that was epic! I felt like I was watching a commercial. The most creative personal video I've seen yet from you or anyone else. Awesome job man! Anyone else catch that collapse on the blue wing?

Author — Anthony ParaGringo


credit to the dude hanging on your back filming the whole time, great video man!

Author — sillstars


i've never watched an entire video and immediately replayed it before. So relaxing and beautiful. I hope I could do this one day. Inspiring and amazing keep being you

Author — Matt Bloise


Ha! Nice no carbon footprint travel 😉 I've got a similar project in mind for a paramotor/bicycle trike and a Europe trip, just gotta finish dialling in my paramotor rebuild first!

Author — Daniel Jones


Dude! That's awesome! I hope this turns into something people do on the regular. It seems like such a good idea (at least where it's possible to bike up to launch)

Author — resnak


Great Video Mark. Love the Jam, I'll be playing that bad boy in my head for months.

Author — FlyMiPPG LLC Mike Cotter


That was a really cool video and impressive skill Mark!

I loved it! I've often thought it would be cool to do something like this for XC stuff with a paramotor. You could but fan it on the bike too.

Author — Brian Buckner


You've one-upped me, as I just posted a hike and fly hyper/time-lapse and here you are with a bike and fly. Well played sir!

Author — stephmon


I was skeptical about the song at first and then it just worked! Great vid!

Author — PPG Explorer


You've started something here! Riding to the launch site, and bringing the bike with you! Totally amazing! Love your channel!

Author — dean mclamb


This is bad ass! Great idea! Great editing as well!

Author — Josh Sturges


Now that is an awesome video! Nice job... it’s great to watch you having fun.

Author — MilesB


Wow Mark, that video had everything: biking, maniacal motorists, that crazy dog, sweet flying with said bike, great music, epic videography... Thanks for sharing!

Author — Steve the Goat


Mark, undoubtedly you best video (and you know I researched them all). Great production, great fun. Loved it man. Where do I get me a camera man and a Mr. T shirt?

Author — David Wolfe


l love how the camera just magically follows you and floats around...

Author — Basket Case