Alistair Overeem The life story

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People should appreciate this man because when hes gone theres never gonna be one like him.. one of the rarest breed of fighters left in mma

Author — ronburgindee


If overeem could cut down to light heavy he would own the division

Author — Chuck Liddell


How is one of the greatest, if not the greatest kickboxing coach alive so large he prolly can’t throw a high kick. And these days he’s twice as large. Would really like to know his history

Author — Budsport_TV


The best body a fighter can have Alister overeem.

Author — Saroj Bantawa


Where is the hair Ruud Gullit? Where is the fucking mustache?

Anyway, fun to see him, I used to pretend being him, Van Basten, Maradona and a bunch of other guys in our backyard as a kid..

Author — Mark Snort


Why on earth are todays majority so called good trainers/coaches bloody fat and disgusting looking! Maradona comes to mind, then this guy in this epic documentary that looks like he is about to get a heart attach - Why oh why? What happened to being the example, as part of the proof of whatever they are preaching about!!? Theory is good but not enough...remember Bruce Lee, P Guardiola, and a distinct few others? Maybe that is why the likes of Benitez and alike will always play second fiddle to the very best around, simply because they can actually be listened to!

Author — Gunner 0007


@ 1:50 "I came back on steroids"*

Author — TheBlackLotus