The Quiet Guy in Prison - Silent but Deadly - Prison Talk 10.19

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Being loud and talking big doesn't mean shit in Prison. A lot of people on the outside love talking as if they are the baddest dude around, but this type of behavior actually indicates the opposite. Real bad asses don't need to brag because they already know they are bad asses and those around them know what they are capable of. In prison these types of guys are the most dangerous because if you disrespect them they won't talk, they will act and you could end up with a shank in your neck. Don't be loud and don't go to prison!

Please watch: "Confessions of a Former Rampart CRASH Officer - Fresh Out: Life After The Penitentiary"

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"Beware the quiet man. For while others speak he watches. And while others act he plans. And when they finally rest... he strikes"

Author — John Doe


The quiet type has nothing to fear. Death is welcomed, yet life is cherished.

Author — Louie Azari


If you're quiet, you also need to have the right body language to pull it off, otherwise you could be considered timid (and in turn, an easy mark).

Author — Jason L


When I was a kid, silent but deadly meant something else.

Author — TAR ICO


Law #3: Conceal your intentions
Law #4: Always say less than necessary.

Author — Mattah


Actually this doesn't apply to just prisoners. It also apply to the real world, especially in the engineering field. The quiet guys are the one that's technically sound. These guys are the driving force behind most engineering firms. Because they can think better when in silent. While those talkative guys will go to sales team.

Author — jibar ava


If you fuck with the silent guy in prison you're asking to get your wig split!

Author — Dr. Nomad


old saying "you must think first before you move" those quiet people be thinking thats why they outsmart people they keep to themselves and they observe others and learn from that

Author — DJRALPHIED627


I was in jail for a short time and I kept my mouth shut... no matter what. This seemed to earn respect. Besides talking usually only gets you in trouble. I didn’t need prison to teach me that.

Author — Frank F


Loudest in the room is usually the weakest

Author — KingSiah 510


That's a good life lesson in general.

The big scary bully is usually nothing to be afraid of. He picks on small people to make himself look tough, and then he goes ahead and gets his ass kicked one day by some scrawny kid who knows how to fight.

On the football field, the most effective players are also the most modest ones. In the NFL, all players are kind of cocky...but you got players like JJ Watt and Ndamukong Suh who are the most dangerous dudes on the field, but you wouldn't know until you saw them play. Everyone else just runs around screaming like monkeys trying to get attention.

I doubt it's any different in jail. The dudes who start rattling the bars and pounding on the walls as soon as "fresh meat" comes in are probably insecure, scared little children who are trying to make loud noises to scare off predators. The one who you should be worried about is that quiet guy in the corner who seems like he doesn't care.

Author — Townist Party of Morristown


I seen in my own eyes at a shopping mall this quiet guy was reading A book and this man tells him why did u stare at my gf so the loud guy punched him, and out of no where the guy sitting down reading the book who got punched, gets up calmy and puts he's book down and I witnessed the best Ko punch I have ever seen in my life, I ask him were are u from he was the same village as I am, this guy had a aura about him he was a warrior but quiet and mysterious

Author — TheLastWarrior


Those that are immature and act like its high school are the quickest to fall.

You run your mouth in prison you're finished, one way or another.

Just mind your business.. and handle someone who's in your face. Thats all it is. The saying that actions are louder than words holds true in life in general, but 10x more so in prison.

Author — Jimmy Joe


“Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are likely to do next. Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you"

Author — Glenuig


Real talk. I like your show and style, just came home myself from doing 18 years. USP POLLOCK
Keep up the good work, I been peeping your messages. Real shit educate this young ignorants kids.
You are saving lives!
From Dominican Republic, much love and respect! You definitely got my support.

Author — Jhonny Rodriguez 🇩🇴


“Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watched. And while others act, he plans. And when they finally rest… he strikes.”

Author — TSHEFU


Just like the boxing at the national amateur championships, the loud mouths in the dressing room never won. It was always the quiet guy reading the book at the back of the dressing room minding his own business that busted everybody up.Watch out for quiet guys with glasses reading books lol.

Author — The Religion of Gravity


Interesting. In my experience there are two kinds of guy - those who talk and those who do. Most of us have only a limited amount of energy, if we expend it in talking there's little left for doing. Superhumans, like maybe Mohammed Ali and Bruce Lee, can do both.

Author — Patrick S


Quite guys think allot and you never know what they are thinking. The loud guy will tell you everything.

If you can keep your mouth shut, you can get away with allot of things in life.

Author — King Baldwin IV


I live these insights. I hate how hollywood just portrays inmates as all mindless scumbags when in reality so many good-hearted folk get put in for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We all make mistakes and this channel really humanizes criminals. Thank you.

Author — maiwei