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The Media Are Covering Terrorism | The Daily Show 5
Trump says that the media aren't giving terrorist attacks enough coverage, but Trevor has noticed a bit of a trend in the president's list of attacks.

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a terrorist is a terrorist whether he is black white. or otherwise. a bully is a bully whether he is a president or a common man.

Author — BJ Andrews


They misspelled attacker because their spellcheck was still set on Russian.

Author — Michael Ramon


Living in a time where we laugh with politicians and listen to comedians.

Author — Sir Smokealott


I like how he defended muslims here. We are so misreported. Thanks Trevor. Fighting for what's right. He knows this coz here in South Africa its full of muslims.



This guy is gold! I mean Trevor, not Trump... he's orange.

Author — x29742x


trump went from having his own reality show to having his own reality

Author — Maher David


Of course they cover terrorism, every day they talk about Trump!

Author — Francesco


You can see Trevor is actually pissed behind the humor and it's no wonder. Trump is literally trying to act like a dictator/king.

'muricans, if you give into it and stop questioning and ridiculing him, I will start rooting for Russia in the upcoming World War. At least they have a somewhat capable and charismatic leader.

Trump presidency is the biggest embarassement of our lifetimes.

Author — Vilkku


Jesus Christ, Trevor is really getting good.

Author — Michael 마익흘 Aronson


It's you Joe.... hahaha cutest facial expression by Trevor ever....

Author — Jas K Judge


"it's you Joe" had me balling 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Talz_Reef 007


Next Whitehouse news release:
"Terist ataked twarted by FBI"

Author — Ralph Bernhard


trump is a liar and for that he must be impeach seriously he is crazy and its every day

Author — Joe Cabrera


Nope. Trump needs to scare the population, that's why he needs to point out all the past attacks and invent some that did not happened. He needs an enemy to scare the population with, so he can justify the illegal grab of power he is doing, attacking judges, journalists and anything that can oppose him. Its a dictator schoolbook example. Invent an enemy, scare the population and just say whatever you do, you do it protect them. Like the mafia, its there to protect you. Boom

Author — C O


the disgust at 2:28 when he says "this list" ok so

Author — Sara


Trevor is doing a good job. He had some big shoes to fill and he is definitely holding his own!! WELL DONE SIR!!

Author — nuzzler626


So, first, invent "alternative facts", then say that all negative reporting is fake news, then add new definitions of what words means ... and you get 1984.

Author — Holifeno


I try o laugh but anything Trump related only makes me violently sick now

Author — Kidan Tisan


trever you are amazing man !
i just realy hope no one kills you cos you say the truth

Author — Ana Aymen


Trump's slogan should be make America White again.

Author — Musang Fox