Самые необычные музыкальные инструменты мира!

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Самые необычные музыкальные инструменты мира! 4.5

Флейта из моркови. Саксофон из труб ПВХ. Ксилофон из камней. Ханг. Стеклянная гармоника.

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There's also a instrument called "giving credits" it's really cool and you should try it

Im dissapointed to explain of why do i need credits

I'm not trying to inflict hate to anyone at all, i just find it somewhat annoying if you share something made by someone and not give credit to it (Or steal a clip without permission from the artist), its true that they clearly showed and shared the 'clips' but the creators of these clips doesn't exactly get much attention, thus, im trying to also see what other stuff the artists made.

Author — Oof


"What do you play?"
"Trash metal"
"Huh? Where did you get the money for a guitar?"
"What guitar?"

Author — 0x777


Girl and in band: “I play the flute!”

Me: *plays the barrier fence*

Author — H


Those ducks are probably thinking that guy has a terrible accent.

Author — Constance McEntee


Hey everyone! I went out of my way to find the original videos AND name the instruments so you don't have to! These appear in the same order in the video! (I know this guy should have credited them instead, but that milk's already been spilled.) And holy carp look at that like button! I think this might be the most liked comment I ever had on a video! Thank you so much to everyone who liked this comment, and thanks to those who helped find some of these links as well! They will be listed with the source they provided in bold!

Author — Dan the Lonely Odairi


Friend: "What instrument do you play?"
Me: "Latex glove."


Author — Noah Peterson


The second one should be called a xylostone.

Author — astrolover 95


Chinese guy who throws sticks at drums, coordinating both a foot drum and cymbal at the same time - Never seen such a difficult performance - Hats off to you sir. Bless You.

Author — Vikum Jayasundera


I don’t understand a single thing happening here, why is this football manager playing a coconut

Author — MC Cheez Strings


Oh hey! That first guy is me. Thanks for sharing my PVC Instrument clip!

Author — Snubby J


Me: **opens cabinet at 2 AM in the kitchen**

The 20+ pots, pans, and cookie sheets: 2:57

Author — gocoogs01



Author — 小林舞衣


2nd one: someone was paying attention during The Flintstones.

Author — Vegan Conservative


4:56 imagine someone playing a fetus as a flute right in front of you

Author — Shaun.


You need to learn how to give people credit

Author — Patrick Meyer


6:33 " Hey babe, trust me I love you "

Author — TuRtLE


2:32 the Force is strong with this one

Author — Liam Green


nice man, using a bunch of different coolass videos without crediting or linking a single one :) that way no one can find the original artist or the original video. great work man!!

Author — ghoulhive


7:04 sound like Tom and jerry music lol

Author — pearl로스 바다


"Hey what do you play?"

"Oh I can play a potato, balloon, uhh broken glass, OH, I CAN PLAY A FEATHER TOO!"


Author — moomoo miku777