NO DOORS!!! Flight in a vintage Huey Helicopter

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NO DOORS!!! Flight in a vintage Huey Helicopter 5

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The last ride I had in a UH-1 doors open I had people shooting at was still GREAT!!!!

Author — MrAzrancher


Put your iphones away and enjoy the flight you muppets.

Author — Ben Moore


I flew as a door gunner in 1965 on the UH1B, there is nothing in life as much fun as a Huey on take off, flying, and landing.  Clear right and rear, clear left and rear, pull pitch. Over outter marker, arm and stay alert!  Turn on AFR and skip through the morning mist in time with the music!  Test fire gun's on free fire zone!  You are ready for what ever comes up!

Author — Daniel Marthers


Well you've just been in the greatest helicoptet in the human history ever

Author — astafzciba


a ride like that and almost everyone is playing with their damned phones.

Author — John S.


Looks like the desk jockey's a little scared hahaha

Author — HellzNord


What ruins this video is the shot of the suit-and-tie wearing fembot clutching his camera and water bottle like a little girl.

Author — mangore623


Pee Wee Herman and his cell phone take scary ride in Huey Helicopter!!

Author — Osprexx


Would love to go with my Dad - Huey Pilot - Vietnam!

Author — beagles1026


Repaired the engines on those and did a lot of time in them while in the army.  Was a door gunner in Central America.  Lucky for me, I had a two tour Vietnam pilot that was a bit touched at times.  What an awesome pilot.  If my machine gun was not there, I would have fallen out.  Not really too far though, the monkey strap would have had me dangling.  They issued us armor plates we called chicken plates.  I put them on the floor under my butt.  To a 19 year old, a killing round to the chest was better than a round to the groin :-)  The comment about closing the door was priceless.  I hated the doors closed and flew as much as we could with them open.

Thanks for the video.  Brought back some fond flying memories and reminded me of a few bad ones :-(

Author — Moto Professor


I see other door gunners have commented on this video. I was one too in Vietnam- 1966-1967. Flew on the UH1D. 1st Infantry, 1st Aviation Battalion. Longhorn77 call sign. I'd love to fly again in the gunner's well, but I won't. Beautiful video. You made me feel like I was there again.

Author — Longhorn77Gunner


Would've loved to seen them do a full on military take off.

Author — Major Fodio


Someone, please slap the holy living crap out of those idiots who couldn't put away their damn cell phones for the short duration of this flight!

Author — AlaskaMike72


when i was in the army we sat with our feet out the door, with a saw (machine gun)in my hand and no seat belts!

Author — anjinsan X


One of the most beautiful helicopter ever made!

Author — Alexander Källberg


I will be so proud some day to tell the kids, that i lived in times before cellphones.

Author — Tomek_PL


I so want to fly in an open Huey now, too! Darn cool!

Author — SpookyMietz


a uh1 great memories
4 things different with this ride from a vietnam style rid thought
1 the jump seats behind the pilots weren't there you sat on the floor with your m-16 between your knees 2 no one's wearing protective gear, 3 no one's shooting, 4 you aren't clamped tight sphincter- wise wondering what's waiting.
flew 100 missions as a door gunner, will never forget it

Author — William Moses


PUT THE PHONES DOWN AND ENJOY THE RIDE. Yes, I just used all caps. Live in the moment, dudes and dudettes.

Author — blave549


Try riding in the gunners seat, when they are popping those rotors...

Author — Will Walburn