MICHAEL KIWANUKA | Cold Little Heart | Big Little Lies (Musikvideo)

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

from the HBO TV-Show "BIG LITTLE LIES"

“‘Cold Little Heart’ was the first song I wrote for this album,” Kiwanuka told NME, “and it helped direct where the music was going. It’s really influenced by classic ‘60s and '70s British guitar bands like The Who and Pink Floyd, as well as by a lot of soul music, particularly songs like ‘Walk On By’ by Isaac Hayes.


► Music by: Inflo & Danger Mouse
► Lyrics by: Danger Mouse, Inflo & Michael Kiwanuka
► Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley
► Release Date: July 15, 2016


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Fantastic song to accompany a fantastic series. I binged watched the entire thing over 2 nights, and couldn't fall asleep properly on either night from how intense and moving it was. All the hype was justified this time, it was a 10 out of 10 experience. Kudos to all involved.

Author — Tabbylover55


Nicole and Alex were sensational in this movie. They deserved every award they won.

Author — TrumpSucks Biggly


Song Lyrics:

Did you ever want it?
Did you want it bad?
Ohhh, my It tears me apart
Did you ever fight it?
All of the pain, so much power
Running through my veins
Bleeding, I'm bleeding
My cold little heart
Oh I, I can't stand myself

And I know In my heart, in this cold heart
I can live or I can die
I believe if I just try
You believe in you and I In you
and I In you and I In you and I

[Verse 2]
Did you ever notice
I've been ashamed
All my life I've been playing games
We can try and hide it It's all the same
I've been losing you
One day at a time
Bleeding, I'm bleeding
My cold little heart
Oh I, I can't stand myself


Maybe this time I can be strong
But since I know who I am I'm probably wrong
Maybe this time I can go far
But thinking about where I've been Ain't helping me start

Author — MMR Films


I want to be at the beach now at 11:00 pm drinking wine listening to this song and watch the waves and the moon.

Author — Julie Garcia


Such a great song and also a great TV Show. Thank you!!

Author — Tyler Durden


This is so nostalgic to the point i feel my heart explodes every time I listen to it then burst into tears

Author — Wwl 1


Love that song so much, reminds me of my sister as we drove to that bridge in the show last April, and we played the song in the car whilst driving along the coast. Can't wait for new season to start. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author — Yvette Obeney


really love the cinematography and color tone of this drama

Author — gabe_liu


Потрясающий фильм и такая же потрясающая песня!!!❤️❤️❤️

Author — Ирина Зенина


Pedazo de serie!! Y soundtrack increible

Author — SDavid Olmedo


Шикарный сериал, шикарный саундтрек... Шикарная игра актеров. Шедевр 2018 года!!

Author — veterann1103


"You believe in new lies." - that's my lyrics

Author — Toni Meter


December 25th, the director Jean-Marc Vallée passed away at his cabin near Québec. This song will be remembering him forever. Salut Jean-Marc!

Author — Daniel Lejeune


Magnifica musica, canzone, quando l'ho ascoltata la prima volta ho voluto sapere chi fosse il musicista e poi ho scoperto altre sue stupende canzoni.
Che magnifica scoperta sia per la musica, le parole e il grande artista.
Grazie Michael Kiwanuk!
Pensavo non mi succedesse più oggi di scoprire un grand artista.

Author — AnnaRizzi☸️


This has impacted me so deeply the song the video. Living it was hell. I love the music, I can at least cry now.

Author — Ruth hale


Whatched this on our houseboat trip to the lake this july loved it

Author — Jami Abell


I have finished the series right now, I'm in shock😦

Author — María Delgado


Mi scende nel cuore, mi sale nella mente

Author — Emanuela Emilia Riganti


I have walked the beach and kayaked the surf and made love all where this has been filmed.

Author — Greg Goodman


Have no idea what this show is but the first lady is the greatest actress I've ever seen

Author — Cal