Political Khiladi (KO 2) 2017 Latest South Indian Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Bobby Simha, Prakash Raj

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Political Khiladi (KO 2) 2017 Latest South Indian Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Bobby Simha, Prakash Raj 4.5

A common man named Kumaran (Bobby Simha) kidnaps the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Yogeeswaran (Prakash Raj) at a private old age home event in Chennai. The news goes viral and everyone from the local to the Central cabinet starts taking the issue personally. The Home Minister Thillainayagam (Ilavarasu) appoints Santhanapandian (John Vijay), the Police Commissioner of Tirunelveli, to rescue Yogeeswaran. Santhanapandian questions Bala (Bala Saravanan), a minister's son who was discovered unconscious at the scene of the kidnapping. Bala tells that he and Kumaran had become friends when Kumaran has saved him from a group of thugs, but are shocked to see that they both love the same girl named Priyadharshini (Nikki Galrani). Bala also reveals that Kumaran willingly allowed him to pursue his relationship with Priyadharshini in exchange for making arrangements for Yogeeswaran to attend the old age home event. Meanwhile, as Santhanapandian and his deputy Arivazhagan (Bharath Reddy) strive to get clues about Kumaran, Kumaran explains to Yogeeswaran his motive for kidnapping him.

Kumaran was an orphan, but due to the efforts of an honest politician Kumaraswamy (Nassar), who had sponsored him, he got a good education and became a journalist with the News7 TV channel. When he went to Kumaraswamy's house to thank him for his contribution to his life, he found out that Kumaraswamy had gone missing for many days. On further investigation, he learnt that Kumaraswamy had been buried alive by Thillainayagam and his sons. Thillainayagam had contested against Kumaraswamy in the last election and had defeated him by rigging the vote, which forced Kumaraswamy to file a case against him and demand a recount. When Kumaraswamy refused to withdraw the case against him, Thillainayagam and his sons buried him alive. Kumaran filed a case against Thillainayagam and asked Kumaraswamy's mentally retarded son Kumaran (Karunakaran), who was unaware that his father had been killed, to give the statement to the police inspector. However, the police inspector was Thillainayagam's aide and informed him about Kumaran. Thillainayagam's sons took Kumaran on a bus and pushed him out en route. Kumaran then was run over by a lorry, killing him. In order to avenge the death of Kumaraswamy and his son, Kumaran hatched a plan with Priyadharshini and Bala to kidnap Yogeeswaran to expose Thillainayagam slowly through false media reports based on false replies by Bala while being interrogated by the police. In the process, Thillainayagam's sons are taken into questioning. After being tortured, they eventually give in and expose Thillainayagam as Kumaraswamy's murderer, even giving them the location in Thillainayagam's lawn where Kumaraswamy was buried. Thillainayagam is arrested, and Kumaran releases Yogeeswaran. Kumaran also escapes from his hideout and poses as a journalist, while Yogeeswaran says he cannot identify the kidnapper. Even Santhanapandian gives up on pursuing the kidnapper as he had kidnapped Yogeeswaran with good intentions.

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1:46:00 Thats One reason we watched this movie..

Author — Avtav Singh


Proud to be south indian. We look for story first then actress..

Author — Vivek Radhakrishnan N


I am here after watching it on tiktok👀

Author — Rubesha Karki


This is call the movie and story that why i loke south movie than bollywood

Author — Angelica Lama


I personally prefer south indian movies more than bollywood movies.
Im from nepal and most of my friends love and have watched most of the top southindian
Love to all brothers and sister from nepal

Author — Prayash Pandey


Unique concept, unique a word mind-blowing movie.I love Tamil, telegu movie 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Author — Tawfiq Ansary


Nice... Movie But very different concept from other stores
26/7/2019 July ✔✔

Author — Raees Qureshi


It's called me truth jounerlist for ever time always fights against

Author — PanKaj ShriVashtav.


Prakash Raj ji is great And my favourite .

Author — narinder singh


what a calculation of the corruption the hero had done....

Author — Saurabh Shekhar


A lot of overacting.... especially DIG

Author — Nadeem Khan


Awesome man, how he escape without getting caught

Author — Lucifer


Seriously msg making and very sensible film

Author — rekha tiwari


concept is nice
but with overacting and lack of dubbing skill

Author — Lalita


This is the Real situation of administrator

Author — Jai Kamal


oh my god this is too good....i love this movie..

Author — Sanjay Bisht


B&D media ko dikhao picture kuch to dimag me ghusega😅🤣😂

Author — AK


Reality to sirf Tollywood hi dikhat hai hamara bollywood to rajnetao ka rakhel ban Chuka hai .
Great job all members

Author — Ritik dongare Dongare


A common man can do anything 4 do something right thing

Author — Hardik Patel



Author — Nohid Mahadik