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Wildlife veterinarian Dr. Romain Pizzi answers the internet's hottest questions about wild animals. Why does a giraffe have "antennae" on its head? Why do big cats have round pupils and house cats have slits? Does an elephant really have a great memory? What's it like putting an oxygen mask on a tiger?

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💬 Comments

I just love how he narrates as if he was reading a bedtime story to kids but in fact he is explaining science to adults.

Author — Pavel Adamek


I love how he kept saying “but what’s MORE interesting” & shares really cool facts while still being on topic/answering the question. ❤

Author — Tilleyforever44


Questions are actually really good! Props to people who asked these questions and props to the doctor for being so informative and passionate in his answers

Author — Arya Stark


The placebo question and answer is fascinating.

Author — Todd Kagler


Thank you for the information on the Russian study with the non-medicated syrup. I've always wondered how to respond to people who argue that pseudo-medicine obviously with no direct physical effect must be real because it works on animals, and animals can't experience the placebo effect. Usually people who say this are too far away to strike lightly with a rolled-up newspaper or inflated pig bladder, which of course would be the first scientific treatment.

Author — Dead Man


I respect people who are actually good at their field yet are still humble enough to admit "we dont't know (yet)". It just comes to show how giving accurate information to educate the society is as important as them performing their jobs.

Author — Salis Sajidah


I just learned about 800% more new information than I was expecting. This was awesome!

Author — King Doomfist


For the "How to tell if a snake is a male or a female?" question: In some pet snake species, you can also tell by the length of the tail (and yes, the snake is not all tail, if you flip it upside down you can see a fleshy strip close to its end, that's where their butt and other things are and everything after that is a tail), when it's short and stubby it's a girl and if it's long it's a boy.

Author — 3173 Δ


I could listen to this dude talk about animals for hours

Author — Isaac B


He was really cool. I want to see more of him!

Author — Büşra M Aldemir


I could listen to him talk about anything. Soo calming.

Author — Thatlady89


The explanation I’d heard for why small cats have vertical slit pupils while large cats don’t has to do with their body size and predatory nature. If you look at the animals that have vertical slit pupils, they all tend to stand pretty low to the ground and be ambush predators, like small cats, crocodilians, and vipers. The shape of vertical slit pupils allows improved depth perception for low standing creatures. The benefit isn’t there for taller creatures, such as big cats.

Horizontal slit pupils tend to be present in prey animals with their eyes on the sides of their heads. It helps them have a very wide, panoramic field of view while minimizing visual distortion in front of them.

Author — Evil Sharkey


He's amazing! I love all of the facts he shared about animals! I hope we see him in another video!

Author — BeautyMonster1000


That placebo question was really good. You can tell how passionate this guy is. Keep these videos coming please. Other peoples' jobs are fascinating.

Author — Pam Poovey


Interesting about the big cats and hairballs. Actually, it makes more sense for cats to vomit as a matter of course, too. Now that I think about it. They eat much smaller prey, basically the same prey as owls. And owls also readily vom. Not quite the same, but similar. Just a way of discarding for more efficient digestion

Author — Emily Daniels


Internet Person: "Operating on a big cat tomorrow and I'm so excited!"
Dr. Pizzi: "You know sometimes they wake up during surgery, right?"

Author — Michael Mallon


You can tell how much he loves animals 🥺

Author — kait herring


I remember seeing the pupil difference explained by the height of the animal in a zefrank video. Foxes and small cats have slit pupils because they’re lower to the ground and more useful to see through grass because it’s a lot of vertical lines? Or something like that. Whereas wolves and big cats have round pupils because they’re taller than grass so it wouldn’t really benefit them. Interestingly enough, goats have horizontal pupil that widen their field of vision and their eyes actually rotate to keep their pupils parallel to the ground. Easier to spot predators.

Author — Aunt Vivienne


I could listen to any expert in their field talk with this much passion

Author — B Bogg


I love his accent and passion for animals. He’s awesome ❤

Author — Khalilah D.