Living with a Local Family in a Moroccan Village (Amazigh People)

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Living with a Local Family in a Moroccan Village (Amazigh People) 5

Staying with this Amazigh family was a highlight of my time in Morocco. The Berbers - locally they prefer being referred to as the Amazigh people - are a North African community with their own culture and language: Tamazight. The family I stayed with isn't necessarily representative of the Amazigh community at large, but they are part of a sizeable community of people who live in the Atlas Mountains, far from the busy and vibrant cities of Morocco.

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P.S. This video was filmed in January - pre-COVID-19 times!
P.S.2 Yes, everyone consented to being filmed, and yes, I made sure to contribute and reward them accordingly for their time and attention 🙂

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Hi I'm so happy to see that so many of you can relate to what I said about hospitality at the end of the video. Every time I stay with a family in a new country, I do it in order to meet ordinary people from that country. I've always been fascinated with remote places and traditional village lives, and this is a wonderful insight into another culture. ❤️

Author — Eva zu Beck


These people have pure hearts.
Thank you Eva for your great videos.

Author — Marouane Lamharzi Alaoui


*Everybody in the comments is praising this girl’s qualities, but can we spend a moment to notice how we have just seen a 30 minutes - Netflix quality - film, for free!*

Author — زدني علمًا 2.0


Thanks you Eva for the great video
Welcome in Morocco 🇲🇦

Author — Beau Rifdu30


Moroccan people are really very nice, I had some friends from there. I hope to visit Morocco soon. Love from India ❤️🇮🇳

Author — Suraj Singh


One day go Morocco 🇲🇦 InshaAllah from Pakistan 🇵🇰 ♥ eva ♥ you are good informing thanks 😊

Author — Rafiq Gujjar


I have been Morocco once and they made me feel more at home than my own family, (sad but true). I would recommend visiting Morocco if your eyes are still closed. # peace and love.

Author — kye North


fun fact: most Moroccans are Amazigh genetically, but most people think we are Arabs because we speak a variation of Arabic.

Author — Otmane Wahdani


أطيب خلق الله هما الأمازيغ المغاربة
أحبكم في الله

Author — samirafra


Moroccan people are absolutely nice. l love moroccan people also. I am from Bangladesh

Author — Jahed Hasan Monna


Azul from an Algerian Berber sending love to our imazighen brothers in morroco and around the globe. Special thanx to Evawen lol big Big shout out to you ❤️

Author — massi massinissa


(Amazigh People), when I read the title I thought you mis-spelled "Amazing People"

Author — Muhammad amir


تحياتي للمرأة الأمازيغية المناضلة والمكافحة تستحق كال الحب و الاحترام لكم من المغرب العميق من اعالي جبال سوس العالمة
thanks Eva .

Author — عمق المعلوميات


الي من المغرب يرفع رأسو 🇲🇦تحية للمغاربة من كوردستان العراق !💪🏼😤✌🏼💚☀️❤

Author — Karwan Omar


One of the things that lead me to have a sensesional momments is when I see this people in this situation happy and living thier life fully and compare it with our life in the urban city and its people who complaining about even the small things that they have not possess .It keep me wondering with emotions !
Life is really excited when you meet humble people like that who are down to earth with all what they face with challenges and difficulties .

Author — Green Gable


Mashaallah!! Morocco 🇲🇦 is very beautiful...Love Morocco from Sri Lanka...🇱🇰

Author — nishath ahamed


Am really miss my country 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦 miss everything 😞 thank you to show us this beautiful people ❣️

Author — mounir arrak


This nearly got tears in my eyes .. to see where my parents had to raise me in the 90s and in more difficult conditions, the higher you get in the Atlas mountains the difficult it is to survive because of transportation and cold winters with no heat but the fire and if there is no wood there is no warm, we moved to a city when I was young but most of the locals still live the same way we used to except that there is a road now and network smartphones it's a bit easier but they still lack the medical attention and basic education because they cannot leave their lands they inherited for generations.
FOR THOSE WHO DONT KNOW AMAZIGH PEOPLE ARE THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF MAGHREB REGION ( MOST OF NORTH AFRICAN LANDS AND THE SAHARA DESERT ) there are so many different tribes of amazigh people and probably they all have almost the same genetics.

Author — Maxx JuNioR


7:42 a yemma awid athetchagh aghroom, loooozegh
تحياتي للأم الامازيغية التي عانت و كافحت من اجلنا 🌹❤
تحياتي من الجزائر لكل امازيغ شمال افريقيا

Author — Massinissa ⵣ amazigh ⵎⴰⵙⵏⵙⴻⵏ


You are a brave lady and adventurous too. Well adapted everywhere you go. You are beautiful too. Love you girl...👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Author — Akshaya Palle Palle