Does Retin-A (Tretinoin) Delay Skin Aging? 15 Year Review | Beginners Guide | Neck & Chest Update

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I discuss a few key points in further detail, helpful for those beginning their treatment, as well as talk about specific products that helped me manage my treatment in the early stages more than a decade and a half ago.

I also share how I've been using it on my neck and chest which are more sensitive, delicate areas.

I must also emphasize that my diet and lifestyle play a large role in the way my skin looks, too. I take very good care of myself, don't drink alcohol, and I don't smoke.

All things considered, if someone is asking me whether tretinoin is worth it, my answer is: YES.

Skincare I use on my face + body:

Everyday items I use:

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I want to address the comments asking if I've had Botox, fillers, etc. so people can have the truth. I've never gotten anything done to my face. I don't judge anybody if that's the route they choose, but I chose to use topical treatment because I want to be in control of my own face and, also, it's not desirable to me to inject my face with stuff. I like my face the way it is. As for my lack of facial expression, I'm still getting used to filming myself, so that's a part of it. And being an extreme introvert, coupled with my reserved nature, and the fact that in my day to day life I'm teaching meditation & yoga, as well as providing hospice care (these are my occupations), my face looks the way it looks. What I'm trying to say is that we wear our lives on our faces. Everyone does. And I've never been a bubbly, over-animated person, so it would come across extremely artificial if I faked a persona that isn't who I am. Additionally, tretinoin imparts a "pulling" (tightening/firming) effect on the skin, which, is both good and bad. Yes, it makes the complexion appear flawless, but there are definite downsides. I can't open my mouth too widely, or I start to peel immediately, for example. The skin, before it peels (mine peels every day), becomes very tight, and taut, and tightly pulled skin looks ultra smooth and shiny, and then it sort of "cracks" (mine does anyway), starts to flake, and then peels away. New fresh skin is then revealed. This is the mechanism of Retin-A. Ultimately, I take it as a compliment and a testament to the power of this product, if people simply "can't believe" I've achieved my skin with the use of topical cream alone. That people believe me or don't believe me doesn't change the truth, and beyond what I've said here, I can't do much else. It's not my concern to convince anyone of anything. But I did want to address this, since I see numerous comments asking, speculating, and accusing me of not being honest. I have no problem being clear and upfront. This is who I am. I must add, too, for those who have asked tactfully - thank you, by the way. Happy holidays everyone.

Author — Jennifer Myers


sunscreen is the most important thing we have to prevent aging

Author — D S


I've used sunscreen heavily since age 22. I'm 37 and I honestly look way better than I did 15 years ago and people are shocked about my age too. Prevention is everything.

Author — C9842


It's weird your skin is so youthful but there is some maturity. I don't know if it's the way you speak or your composure but you don't come off as a kid but your skin is literally like a baby.

Author — Disco Inferno


I’m 37 and dealing with a whole deal of skin issues ... would love to have glowing beautiful skin like this again. You’re absolutely flawless. 😍✨✨✨

Author — J R


I’m 38... hydration, sunscreen and stressing less are my anti aging non secrets

Author — Babetravelling


I’m so glad to hear that you started using it at 22. I’m also 22 and started using it ~3 months ago. People kept telling me that I’m too young to be on any retinoids but after your vid, I’m really glad that I’m starting now.

Author — Alina


I just wanted to say I always loved your videos and how real and unpretentious you are. It's hard to find real people with real experiences on YouTube nowadays. I am 3 months in my tretinoin journey and enjoy hearing about your results. It gives me something to look forward to years down the road! Please continue to make these update videos!

Author — Ser ena


Thanks for emphasizing the patience part! Im 23 and ive been using trentinoin for my acne for about 5 or 6 months, i still get some breakouts and the morning peeling is so real. I do notice a positive overall effect though, just need to stick it out and stay patient.

Author — Mairi Steele


I just started using Retin-A and I’m 25. I have no signs of aging yet so hopefully I’m still looking cute in 10 years lmao

Author — princessbabe1313


For those who use retin a for acne treatment, you'll age like a fine wine.

Author — Halo Sunnah


She doesn’t look old, she looks young and smooth. Her disposition is just mature like her lifestyle. Just like some people look old but have a bubbliness to them. She looks porcelain 🤩

Author — Lea Cooke


Did you apply the vaseline before the retin a or after? Also, have you consistently used the same percentage (0.05%) of retin a from when you first started using tretinoin until now? I'm thinking about whether it's wise to upgrade to a stronger tretinoin after the skin has gotten used to the 0.05% or if it’s better to stick to one. Please share your thoughts on this. I feel you are the only one I truly rely on for information when it comes to retin a usage, although individual results and experiences differ. Thank you for everything you’re sharing on here. I find it very, very helpful.

Author — Kome Kuuni


Thank you for this video! You have a wonderful, mature, calming energy. By the end of the video I felt so relaxed. Thanks for keeping it so simple, I appreciate the fact that you just got straight to the point and you’re honest about your experience. You have beautiful skin, thank you for sharing :)

Author — bridget


I’m still on retinol at 35. I’ve been thinking about moving on to prescription retinoids, but I’ve gotten amazing results from the retinol over two years and I’m trying to get the most out of it by going up a little at a time, only going up in strength after getting maximum result from each concentration.

So right now I’m on .3, after 6-13 months of that I plan to go up to .5, and finally some time after that to 1%. Then finally after that to prescription retinoids. Do you (or anyone else here) think that’s a reasonable way to go or should a 35-year-old just go ahead and get on the trentinoin?

Author — J C


I see 22 year olds looking older than you do! You’re beautiful and your skin looks incredible! I truly believe in a vigorous skin care and minimal make up and you’re a great example of just how well it works!! Love your content 💕

Author — OkaayLahh


Congrats on challenging yourself and going out of your comfort zone by doing this videos, total boss move 😎
When we challenge ourselves we sometimes achieve great things

Author — H W


I'm starting using tretinoin when I was 30 years old (now I'm 33 going to 34), well my skin is doing good with it, my friends told me that my skin looks way better than in my 20s. I don't say I look way younger but you can see the difference when you start using tretinoin . FYI: I get my tretinoin from my dermatologist, and if you're pregnant or breastfeeding you can't use it.

Author — Ika Arianti


Your skin looks amazing, It is really hard for me to imagine you had to go through a lot of challenges to reach that. I don't know I could put up with that kind of challenges because I'm very busy working single mother.

Author — dancejiang888


I’m 22 and I just started Tretinoin .025%. I’m hoping to move up to .05% once my skin gets used to the product. I had been using Differin for about a year before I started Tretinoin so the side effects aren’t as bad as I thought they would be. But my skin is definitely going through the purging stage. Thank you for your skincare videos!! I have changed my once complicated skincare routine to a much simpler routine now.

Author — Jenny Moon