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Dump trailer BUILD 5

In this video I make a small dump trailer using a 12V winch.
For some time we have been changing the barn into a "new" workshop in our spare time. There is a lot to do there and that's why I decided to build this trailer to speedup and facilitate earthworks.
It will definitely be useful for transporting firewood for the winter, carrying heavy things and many other works.
I think I was exaggerating a bit with the weight of the trailer, because it weighs over 100 kg, but at least it's solid :)
The winch used in this design works well, although it could be a little stronger.
I did not give an additional battery because the tractor has a 26 ah gel battery and it is a sufficient power source.

Some homemade tools used when building this project:

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This is one hell of a necessary build. I felt for you when you were shoveling dirt. Been there, done that. Push of a button on that remote and magic happens. Great job!

Author — Donn DIY


Made in Poland and Make it Extreme is the best channels on YouTube with cool inventions and DIY. Thanks!

Author — Рома Ромашкин


Every time I watch a cool build like this, I eventually hit that point where I say, "Man, I wish I had a lathe..." Very nicely done though, clever use of the winch there. Way easier than hydraulics.

Author — Mr402TA


Not one aspect lacked attention to detail/function! PERFECT. This must be a gratifying build to have done, able to use

Author — Chain Effect


As a young man i worked as a welder/fabricator- serious skills dude! jealous of your shop

Author — snobear41


Amazing idea. The whole project is perfectly made. Good job, great video :)

Author — Workshop From Scratch


EXTREMELY Professional. I have a little shrine to you in my shop :-)

Author — vondeliusc


I have about the same system but manually, works well.

Author — Henk Elzinga


Pretty fantastic work, dude! Looks beautiful and works great! 😃
It remembered me of my parent's farm! 😃
Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

Author — MC's Creations


Excellent fabrication (as always)!! Great design - more simple than hydraulics and all the mess that comes with that! Liked !! subbed !!

Author — Advanced Nutrition Inc


It's really refreshing to see someone building something actually useful

Author — Juliusz Kociński


That is AWESOME! Great idea and implementation, you are quite a machinist, thanks for sharing, I'm going to hit the subscribe button as soon as I send this comment!

Author — Domenic Maiani


Your work can't be praised enough! Great conception and execution every time!

Author — Captive Nut


Nowy film od Made in Poland i wieczór odrazu staje się lepszy :D Świetna robota!

Author — SteelCraft


That was fun to watch. Another great project. I've never considered welding in the dark... think I'll give it a try. ;-)

Author — Patriottoo2


Witam. Oglądam twoje filmy tak, jak by w rolach głównych grali Bogusław Linda i Czarek Pazura. Dziękuje. Powodzenia i zdrówka.

Author — Віктор Романюк


Początek filmu jak z Telezakupy Mango xD

Author — Łukasz P


Witam. Ale Ci poszło z tą przyczepką, super wykonanie jak zawsze! Pozdrowionka!!!! :-)

Author — tik tes


I am impressed with the tools and equipments he has.
Nice job

Author — Sharad Jadhav


Excelente trabajo! Gracias por compartir amigo.

Author — Emilio Rojo