Norway's Muslim immigrants attend classes on western attitudes to women

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Norway's Muslim immigrants attend classes on western attitudes to women 4
Every immigrant in Norway must attend classes on female rights and respect for women.
The lessons were made compulsory after a string of sex attacks by immigrants in the western city of Stavanger. With exclusive access to a class in action in the town of Moi, 65 miles south-east of Stavanger, Jenny Kleeman meets the students and asks whether western values can really be taught in a classroom.

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“They need to understand our culture” NO THEY DONT, you moved there from Syria not the other way around YOU SHOULD ASSIMILATE INTO NORWEGIAN CULTURE.

Author — Mbreti Gent


The fact they needed to take this class says a lot.

Author — James Michaels


Your living in Norway now.
Respect the country that has giving you refuge.
Or go home.

Author — Patricia Bracken


muslims trying to "fix" other countries with the same mentality that ruined their home.

Author — kholoud ashraf


The class should be ''you are in our country now, adapt or leave'.

Author — Cristina


The woman said it... they're sucking up to all this until they get residency.. after that bye bye to all that was taught

Author — Aditi


How to respek wamen

Thought this was a joke.
Unfortunately some people need to be taught this. Smh

Author — Ninigo


why didnt they go to Saudi or Pakistan?

Author — Damien Spectre


You dont go to another mans house and start telling him what to do..

Author — Sturmuli


Takeaway of this video:

Norway is F**ckd lol

Author — frumT18


What a tragedy for such a beautiful country.

Author — Ross Little


Those men who spent their entire life till date in patriarchy society, now all of sudden they came in western country. They cant digest that women are equal to them and they have voice. Their ego must be crushing lol

Author — natalie L


If they refuse to take the class or fail out, then they should be *deported* not just have their benefits cut.

Author — Casey Short


The sense of entitlement that many of these people ooze is breathtaking. Nah the proper term is probably more like disgusting.

Author — norten76


I was an immigrant once, and a naturalized citizen going on many years now. Acclimating to a foreign culture is difficult, but not impossible. If you're going to travel in foreign places, you must respect the rules of their land, period. If not, go back home, to whatever feels familiar to you.

Author — Onyx Towers


Westerners only need to learn about Islamic culture when we move to the Middle East; oh, that's right, we don't.

Author — Michael Barclay


When do you have time to wear a skirt in Norway, their summer is 30 seconds.

Author — Bogdan Indrei


This isn't working.
They have to go back.
Everyone knows this.

Author — John Brown


I take class, now give government check, yes?

Author — Brad Yarnold


The guy who kept saying it's better for women to not be equal was such a creep.

Author — Fluff Pluff