Norway's Muslim immigrants attend classes on western attitudes to women

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Norway's Muslim immigrants attend classes on western attitudes to women 3.5
Every immigrant in Norway must attend classes on female rights and respect for women.
The lessons were made compulsory after a string of sex attacks by immigrants in the western city of Stavanger. With exclusive access to a class in action in the town of Moi, 65 miles south-east of Stavanger, Jenny Kleeman meets the students and asks whether western values can really be taught in a classroom.

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It's a complicated issue. But honestly, everyone who immigrates should assimilate to their adopted culture. Or at least try

Автор — Arnold Teras


I'm a migrant in Europe and my home country of Iran was once a secular and very successful society. It has been degraded by Islam and I think all Europeans have the right to defend a culture that values freedom and happiness.

Автор — Mahdi Moradkhani


They have to learn about us as well? No they don't. If I'm in Saudi Arabia, I'm not going to protest when shops close down during prayer or I'm stopped in the street for talking to my wife or a female friend. Its how the country works, so adapt. They're very fortunate to be living in one of the best countries of the world.

Автор — Christopher Rego Youtube


The arrogance, the sense of entitlement amazes me. Such people don't deserve any hospitality. Let them live and die in their superior culture.

Автор — raj bhaskaran


Now talk to them about LGBT rights, their heads will explode lol

Автор — Lorenzo Herbert


This is insane. Muslims are the only people who don't say "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" but "When in Rome, force them to follow your Stone Age beliefs under threat of death."

Автор — Jonathan Reed


What I learned from this video: Muslims will not assimilate into Western Culture, even if we really, really want them to.

Автор — Megan Dunmeyer


These Arabs are shocked that they can't just go around casually raping women

Автор — Malcolm M


They don't understand the meaning of equality. They don't understand that it's not about fixing houses but about same human rights and freedom.

Автор — Olga Kipke


" they don't understand our culture"
Why should Norwegians understand Muslim culture?
It's Muslims that have come to Norway.
Not visa versa.

Автор — Sløv Slave


The only one I believed in this video was the single woman with the kids. At least she had the balls to say she didn't think she'd ever be able to change to the interviewers face. And that once the men get their residency cards they'll be waving "bye bye" she even laughed. She knows.

Автор — bananaPLEASE


I'm left-leaning independent who is of Middle Eastern descent. These refugees land on the doorstep of any Western countryside asking for asylum and somehow they expect American constitutional freedoms? They expect they can just transplant their lifestyle and norms just minus the war. Ok, well, sorry, not all Western nations are built the same way. Norway is more than just a country without war. If you can't be bothered to understand the laws and customs of the society of your choice, then what are you even doing there? 100% good on Norway - very reasonable and rational solution. If you are a migrant who already understands Norwegian customs, you would be too sympathetic to be offended. If you are a migrant who doesn't understand Norwegian customs, then you would be too ignorant to be offended.

Автор — likquidsteel


Woman can't fix houses? That made me laugh....I do all the repairs in my home. Ifyou move to another country and you're values are different in a way that infringes on someone else's liberty, then you need to assimilate. I enjoy other cultures, but we have enough problems with our own men trying to dominate women we don't need to flood our countries with men who are even further away from accepting women as equals...

Автор — Arcana7609



Автор — Vegan Dolls


They should teach about LGBT' rights too. It's necessary and it isn't saying we can't learn from parts of thier culture.

Автор — Griff Cook


9:25-10:05 - What an attitude. Absolutely no incentive to change. So why go to Norway, why come to the West if you have no interest in adapting? Again, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Oh, except this rule of thumb does not apply to certain MIddle Easterners who admit to only pretending to care about settling in and becoming part of the nation that has allowed them to emigrate there. Not a sniff of gratitude; only haughtiness and snideness.

Автор — Karen Pawson


The Muslim guy said he didn’t understand our culture and that we didn’t understand there’s. Maybe, just maybe they shouldn’t be there then. Just an idea

Автор — AUG


“They need to understand our culture” NO THEY DONT, you moved there from Syria not the other way around YOU SHOULD ASSIMILATE INTO NORWEGIAN CULTURE.

Автор — Kaje Karafili


The fact that they need to be taught how to respect women is sickening.

Автор — Alyssa Holmes


How is it that the hundreds of thousands (ok - millions) of East Asians who've migrated to Western countries over the last ~200 years dont try to impose their values on the locals ? Many of the Chinese and Vietnamese who've moved to Australia are from very conservative societies but I've never once heard a complaint from this section of our community about the way women dress at the beach or in pubs and clubs. People from the Middle East either get it or they don't and I doubt that any number of cultural awareness classes will change that. Anyone who struggles with the idea of women driving a car or working alongside men would feel like they'd landed on Mars if Western Europe was their first experience of the outside world.

Автор — Arthur Watts