The BEST Way To Play Famicom Cartridges On An NES! My Arcade Cartridge Converter Review

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I have not had the best of luck with My Arcade's products. But their 60 to 72 pin Cartridge Converter to play Famicom games on a NES is designed very well, and for me seems to be the best options for playing standard Famicom games on an NES front loader or top loader! *during recording I was so used to the My Arcade adapter having the label on fami games face up I did the same with the Hyperkin Adapter. With that adapter, it should be face down to work. It still can be finicky due to the connection, but wanted to clarify that since I made that mistake while recording. my bad :P

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Ron Pixel
Beaumont, CA

Author — Madlittlepixel


I just realized why you were having trouble with the Hyperkin style adapter -with those style of adapters, you need to have it so that the Famicom cart has the back label facing upwards. That's another thing in the MyArcade adapter's favor -you can put it in a front loader, and have the front art facing you, just like an NES cart.

Author — Greg Falkingham


They could easily amend this design to have a two part function, create a lock connection and a slide where you can custom the closing gauge - this would allow access to all custom fami sizes and it could be done quite easily.

Author — Tabby D


This is why having an archive of reviewed products is great. I am in the market for a FC to NES adapter, I was only aware of the Hyperkin one... Hyperkin is a known brand and you expect decent stuff from them... wasn't aware of this other option and I actually like this one a lot better. I have a short list of Famicom games I want to get at some time and just doing a google image search, looks like they will all fit the MyArcade solution... so I bought it.

Author — PabstOban


I have the small Famicom adapter (with the ribbon) and it works just fine. The reason you are having a problem with it is because you keep putting the Famicom cartridges on it backwards, they go on it with the curved edges lined up and the front label facing away from you.

Author — Ghost Chaser


i have the converter and it works really well on my top loader. i bought famicom splatterhouse wampaku which is a cartridge bigger than the normal famicom ones. i altered the converter by measuring, cutting and shaving enough space for the splatterhouse cartridge to now fit and it works just fine.

Author — francis p


That really is cool. I bought a custom converter a while back. I've never cared for the little small adapters with ribbons, and those wouldn't work for me since I have a 'Blinking Light Win' in my NES. This one looks like it would be perfect with a 'Blinking Light Win' and takes up less space than the big custom job I bought.

Author — Frank Costanza's Lawyer


Throughout the 1980's I always used the old faith honeybee converter with the red pull-out sash to play famicom games on the ole' NES, it never failed me but this does look pretty good though...

Author — Matthew Holyoake


I love that new products are coming out for old consoles.
Hopefully someone would make one like the HoneyBee Family Adapter, which is super rare to see and is excellent for those of us who want to use FDS on the NES

Author — magnus87


I've been eyeing this thing too — glad to see you like it! On the one hand, they made a really clever product that I think works better than a lot of alternatives. On the other hand, they screwed up because in their Amazon listing, one of the images says in big letters "Supports all Famicom games, " which we know isn't true :-/

Author — ecmyersvids


I bought mine months ago and I absolutely love it I was skeptical about it at first it really surprised me I would recommend this to anyone who wants to play Nintendo famicom games

Author — garrett nes snes


Great video. I love your informative content. How are you running that front loader on that HDMI monitor? Thanks for all that you do.

Author — Bloody Bones


This looks really similar to a mod that people were doing where they would replace the guts of the NES cleanning cartridge with a famicom adapter.

Author — mistermorcus


I used the strap from a game genie to make my own fami converter. Works and looks well and much sturdier than a ribbon

Author — Ye Ole Millinial


Thank you for this. I might check this out. I agree with you that MyArcade really needs to work on some of their stuff, but something like this is a low enough bar that they should be able to do it well.

Author — Frank D


I wanted to like it, but I think I like the old ribbon style better. Main reason, the only way to get the game out of the adapter is by gripping the label. Doing so often is what causes wear and fading on game cart labels.

Author — Eric Kelly


Interesting product. Cool to see the RAD2x at work too.

Author — The Game Beaters


I think I will go with this for my AVS. So that the lid can stay closed to keep dust out.

Author — Poley The Polar Bear


What other adapters are there that keep the Famicom cartridge facing forwards? The Everdrive N8 Pro does not work in this adapter. Not sure why, though. Regular games all work fine, as does the regular N8.

EDIT: Technically, it works, but the menu is all garbled up. If you can navigate it blindly, it'll load and play games fine.

Author — adimifus


Wow looks like a really nice product to play famicom carts. Thanks MLP for pointing this out!

Author — Jeff Allison