How to Build a Rifle Rack

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How to Build a Custom Cedar Rifle Rack - Full Process DIY

In this video we built a custom Rifle Rack out of some Cedar picked up at a local Home Depot. This started off as just a really cool idea, which evolved over a few months into what ended up being a pretty amazing piece!! ALSO - if you happen to be watching this prior to Oct 10th 2019, we are GIVING THIS AWAY!! Head over to my Instagram to enter the contest / for more details!! If you try to build this yourself, be sure to reach out to me and let me know how your build goes and what I could have tried to do differently.

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💬 Comments

Sharp Gun build ! Outstanding, just found your page, thx for sharing.

Author — Kevin Buchanan


I know that I need to get some more tools to do this right but for sure going to give this a run as a Christmas gift. Thanks for the step by step brother

Author — Kyle Brooks


Great build video. You gave me some good ideas for the "rack" that I want to build for my son! I love The Simpsons do it for her sign in your shop!

Author — Travis Gillette


Between the brass and the lumber, you've got about $10K worth of materials by today's prices in this project! lol

Author — Mark Darragh


That was bad ass I like that !!! Going to try this build

Author — UniqueNative


This project turned out GREAT..! Nice job with the creativity and adaptability as well. I would love to make this project. Have plans been made since the building of this project, and if so, can you please share.

Author — Ammon Jones


I like your idea man, going to give it a go with my own twist. Subscribed.


Author — bradjk


What a beautiful builds!! Especially this gun rack! Make more videos please!!👍🏻👍🏻

Author — Fennah Woodworking


This is so an informercial for Kraig jig. Lol.

Author — ALEX


The pocket screws makes it look like shit. The bullet trim is bad ass but pocket screws ruin projects, especially if can be seen. Inside looks like Swiss cheese with the pocket screws.

Author — dude0320