Trudeau was asked about Trump. See how long it took him to respond

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Trudeau was asked about Trump. See how long it took him to respond 4.5

A reporter asked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about smoke canisters and pepper balls being used on US protesters so that President Trump could have a photo-op in front of a burned church near the White House.

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That silence is called thinking, Trump should really try it sometime.

Author — Super Duper


Imagine having a leader who takes time to think before he speaks.

Author — Katelyn Hawkins


A lot of these comments are so ignorant. He was obviously thinking of the right words to say at a sensitive time like this. Trudeau is a real leader.

Author — Reedime


At least, in this 21 seconds Trudeau got more attention from the world than Trump! XD

Author — Jason King


He does not want to criticise when the criticism is not doing any good.

Author — Nancy Loui


21 seconds seemed so long - imagine 8 minutes & 46 seconds

Author — MissEAG


This is how american president should be. Think before open the mouth. But when trump opening his mouth disaster happen.

Author — XboneX


The look on his face during his silence said it all. The eyes are like windows into the soul

Author — k-roc the ruler


Never thought I'd see silence speak so loudly

Author — LBboarding b


Because in Canada ... WE THINK BEFORE WE SPEAK.

Author — Jacqueline Smith


I bet that a lot of America’s got confused to see a person think before talking.

Author — cristian gonzalez


Honestly, they put the guy in the hottest seat any leader could have been. He handled it well, brilliant guy.

Author — Kay Ola


He was collecting himself to come out with the right words so as not to sour relationship of both country as well as not to make ppl angry with him. It is definitely the hardest time of his life in 20 seconds. An essence of a true leader indeed. ✊ Respect

Author — Marynna Jaz


That was so funny. Like when your wife asks you how she looks : you just know the first 20 answers that come to mind will just get you killed 🤣

Author — Jean Roch


I'm Canadian so I know what he was thinking in that 20 seconds.
A lot of curse words. A lot. About Trump and his words.
But he is Canadian, after all.

Author — Martin Hwang


That silence was him restraining himself from saying what he really wanted to say.

Author — CG H


He just did not want to say the wrong thing, that’s all.

Author — Shante Richardson


It is not an easy question. I salute the way he answered. A leader is not just a leader but someone who answer questions must think beforehand. Silence is needed in certain cases.

Author — Lisa Lei


What a man ... full of integrity and common sense ... we wish we had a leader like that

Author — Jas K Judge


It shows that this man THINKS BEFORE HE SPEAKS BECAUSE HE CARES WHAT COMES OUT OF HIS MOUTH. Not like that salty orange🍊

Author — Allen Lau