WHERE ARE THE PILOTS?! 🤯 - Flight Attendant Life - Vlog 2021

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I really appreciate you bringing up that you never know why someone is lying. My mom always told me you never know what’s happening in someone’s life so be kind and I think you feel the same sentiment so I think that’s great ❤️

Author — Mirina XO


Kat, thanks for sharing, and thanks for being so positive as a flight attendant, 👩 many times being a passenger is not fun 😣, and a smiling face 😊 can make a big difference in turning a bad flight to a good one.🛫 Treating others the way we want to be treated is the key to happiness. 🧔

Author — Rainy Day


Kat, appreciate your thoughts about how everyone is not on vacation. I had to fly to see my mom was she was in her last days. A kind word from flight personnel makes all the difference. Your thoughts definitely were emotional for me. Happy Birthday!

Author — Denamo


Yes to always checking the menu before I go. Doesn’t everyone? 😂😂😂 If I don’t it takes me way too long to decide.

Author — Susan Terry


hell yeah can't wait to live that life as a pilot i just need a few more hours to get my clearance as a commercial pilot

Author — willy_side


Yes I always look at the menu before going out! I truly hope hope we receive some sense of relief with everything happening lately to us all in aviation.

Author — The World Of Wis


Kat, I love love your videos and your enthusiasm and positive energy. I look forward to watching your videos each week. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

Author — Vicky Mull


I just want to add, its so true what you say about other peoples reasons for flying.

But in general when we think about others, and not just put ourselves first all the time(showing empathy) helps us deal with life better. We tend to be happier when we help others and make it easy for them too.

PS; I love your smile/laugh.

Author — DJ Ness


Yes, I remember the flight from O’ahu to Kona to transport my sister’s ashes for her celebration of life. I still remember we had to pay a certified license fee from the local state department of health for TSA to get her ashes through security. Will be heading out again soon to drop my youngest off to college.

Author — Michael C


“We love us some kitty-Kat”. That’s so stinkin cute❣️ I’m smiling thru this whole vlog with my new Kat Eye Cosmetics lip gloss in Cougar😻. I haven’t chosen a fav yet, as I love all of them!

Author — Kolleen Sulik


Kat ~ you are the apple of our eyes cause you're so genuine and your lovely heart shows through your optimism. I'm so appreciative every time I see your vlogs. Thank you for sharing your work life and I love all your products as well.

Author — Carla Barrick


All these delays are making me nervous, I have 3 trips planned with American and one we only have 45 minutes to change planes in Dallas. 😅😅

Author — Kathy Smith


I love that your friends surprised you. Your desert looked delicious!

Author — Courtney Burns-Simelton


I have finally decided that it is time to get in shape and improve my health so I love seeing all your food choices every week. I am having a Santa Fe salad for lunch 😁

Author — The Frog Princess


Love how positive you are Kat! FAs have to deal with so many issues now, keep up the positive attitude. Helps me at end of my challenging day.

Author — Carole Downey


You definitely had an adventure this trip! So glad you were able to catch up with one of your best friends. Isn't it great that no matter time or distance when we see our best friends we can just pick up right where we left off?

Love how considerate you are of your customers and crew, too. You never know what someone may be dealing with. You rock, Kat!

Author — Seth Conn


You are so positive, and so sweet to think about how others are feeling when they're flying. I'm too old, short and fat to be a flight attendant, but it's so much fun to see the experience through your eyes.

Author — tracytrebilcox


I have to say thank you to all the flight attendants out there, you're positivity and compassion really meant a lot to me in October, when I had to bury my brother, so thank you, you are more appreciated by most of us travelers than you'll ever know🤗

Author — Javier Vigil


Love how much you pack into your trips. I’m from the UK and have no idea when I will get on a plane again 😭 so it’s lovely to fly vicariously through your videos. 😍

Author — Jennifer Jones


The "banding" or "scan lines" you are getting are from the LED lighting in the cabin, that's why they don't appear on natural light or fluorescent. Changing ISO or Hz won’t help that much : )

Author — Hans H