Snake attack

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Check out the video on my channel of the Puff adder after the bite from the Cape Cobra. There you will see that the Puff adder was bitten even before we came across the battle.

Cape Cobra biting a Puff adder. Video taken by me while bowhunting in Murraysburg area, Karoo, South Africa. My cousin (Thys Pienaar) and I was busy walking in a dry river bed when we ran into this once in a lifetime sight, we stayed for about five minutes after the Cape Cobra bit the Puff adder.

I confronted the Cape Cobra, but it was too quick in the brush. The Puff adder was very slow and it seemed like it was bit before as well.

Shot with a Canon Powershot.

Thanks for watching.

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Why not shoot the cobra??? Gee now it goes on to kill a innocent human.

Author — AL K


Puff adders are one of the deadliest snake's in Southern Africa. Though it's not their fault. They're actually passive snake's and tend to avoid confrontation barring actually being attacked. they rely heavily on their camouflage and often end up being stepped on by humans. Hence their deadly reputation for retaliation. Also being so muscular makes them the fastest striking snake in the world. Ironic considering what you see in the video

Author — terranark


I was visiting Cape Town a few years ago and ended up hiking through the bush in sandals. I wondered whether there were poisonous snakes in the area. When I arrived at the Table Mountain Park I asked the ranger whether there were any poisonous snakes. She told me, " No, no poisonous snakes here". Fortunately, a friend who is a local quickly informed me there were snakes whose bite could kill me in a few minutes. Wish I had seen this video before my visit!!

Author — Greg Spies


It decided it was too big to eat??? At first, it did maneuver for a headshot but the puff adder keeps moving away.

Author — belldn3


Cobra is having puff adder for dinner.

Author — kereru


This is why I would never walk inside a bush. I can’t stand snakes.

Author — Foolish President


I can understand why the udder is not even attempting to bite back?

Author — fred Chege


Based on what I see here, it appears the adder had already been bitten at least once. The lack of defensive posture and the labored muscular contractions indicates a previous invenomation.

Author — Michael Dusold


It's strange how the Adder KNOWS it's already doomed by keeping the head away from the cobra!

Author — TheGemini5


See how mean someone can be because they will still sucker-punch you even when you trying to walk away .

Author — Pain & Love


From what I have seen on the Net, Vipers aren’t very good at fighting Elapids .

Author — Dag Nabbit


Cape cobra is known to envenomate puff adder over a period checking up on it and envenoming several more times. While the puff adder has some fight it will attempt to keep its head away from the cobra to avoid being swallowed head first as cobras prefer. One ordeal recorded by researchers lasted 36 hours.

Author — Jacques Conradie


Being that it's ophiophagus, the Cobra is most likely immune or has a
very high resistance to the Adder's venom. But unfortunately for the
Adder, it's not vice versa.

Author — sirtalis69


Adder: I ain't scared. Ouch! What the hell was that!

Author — Seti Michael Maxwell


That’s a strange looking cobra! Looks like a giant earth worm.

Author — chris Emerson


Should be called "Snakes acknowledge each other's existence"

Author — Roger Plott Jr


Was the cobra wanting to eat the adder? I know cobras will eat other snakes for sure but I'm not sure of the motive in this case. If he wasn't going to eat him then that cobra is a real jerk!

Author — DuckTalesWooHoo1987


Great peek into the realm of the natural world! What were you hunting and did you put one in the freezer?

Author — Randy Curtis


Adder was minding it's business and that other snake just attacked it, hope he got bit back

Author — Brenda Sullivan


Cobra is very clever,
I thought he is going away, but not, he was trying to find the right position to strike again.

Author — Zaki Rajput 🚗