ДТП Челябинск - Троицк 20 сентября 2014 года

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20 сентября, вечером, на 124 км автодороги Челябинск - Троицк (поворот на п. Кумысное) 25-летний водитель минивена "Фольксваген" со стажем управления 1 год нарушил правила обгона, выехал на обочину и совершил опрокидывние в кювет.
В результате ДТП 5 человек, включая водителя получили травмы, четверо были госпитализированы.


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He could've stayed out of the road instead of trying to go back to his lane and overturning. Props the oncoming truck driver for his fast reactions.

Author — @TimzBeats


even though the driver avoided the truck, a brutal flip over still happened. 

Author — @watertakken


When I went to Albania, they always drived like this in this kind of roads. It was scary, i cant even believe that so many hours of driving i didnt see an actual accident, but i saw so many close-accidents. no surprising that every km you would see a tombstone with flowers.

Author — @lois3356


Вот из-за таких друзья. Именно из-за таких

Author — @Flex51


I've passed 13 cars, truck and RV's at once on a 4 cyl turbo (not modded or anything, just live in a place with A: straight aways, B: toursets and C: a lot or rental cars and RV's. Over 13 is just to many, not committing to the pass or trying to pass someone that's going too fast has lead to many deaths around these parts.

Author — @NDjinnn


Los cementerios están llenos de gente que pensó "que les daba tiempo" y, tristemente también, de gente que se cruzó con ellos en la carretera. Como se suele decir "Mas vale perder unos segundos en la vida que la vida en unos segundos".

Author — @rafa1161976


I thought he's gonna jump in between lorry and mitsubishi pick-up and I was like ''that's gonna be tight and dangerous'' but he just kept going.. got nothing to say about that decision....

Author — @SalisOK


Good thing he had the video camera on to show his insurance company what happened.
That squirrel came out of nowhere!

Author — @Sarando1


I wonder what she was thinking as she drove directly at oncoming traffic for 11 seconds.

Author — @RayZfox


He should pulled the handbrake making the rear wheels lock to slide, then pulled the whells to left making the probability of overturn a little smaller.

Author — @evandrogiacomelli2496


Вот таких водил все больше и больше! Там есть еще трасса: Южноуральск - Челябинск, так там вообще пипец, ездим там постоянно, сбрасываю скорость и ухожу на обочину за 30 км пути - раз 30 точно! Летчики летят. 

Author — @user-tk4wp5mh4h


The women screaming is so sad. She thought she was just taking a ride. And now she is likely severely wounded or dead. Sigh.



as a car salesman, a typical thing Russians always ask me "Do you have any cars that is salvage titled?"

Author — @jcjohnson0


que tanto apuro puedes llevar para arriesgar tu vida asi

Author — @arturo1706


Props to the oncoming truck driver for reacting in time and pulling back into the lane when this idiot went left.



This could've been prevented, at least they're okay but still .... 

Author — @LovensPresume


He should have carried on with the overtake, he would have made that easily but no he panics and darude storms it

Author — @020king


HE WENT but he forgot he was driving a lada :(

Author — @WhenHellBrokeLoose


I'm not the only one who thinks he's an idiot and I don't even drive. Hope he's okay though

Author — @marcuslimxx


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