Julius Caesar speech to the Senate

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Julius Caesar speech to the Senate 5
From HBO's Rome, it gives a good cinematic depiction of the Oratory Skills of Cicero and Julius Caesar as mentioned in the ancient writings of Plutarch and Suetonius. Enjoy

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"Oppose me, and Rome will not forgive you a second time."
Look what happened to Caesar's murderers. Did any of them live to die peacefully? No. They were either killed in battle or took their own lives after defeat.
Rome did not forgive them a second time indeed.

Author — W. L. Orodor Calaerchon


"Oppose me and the Rome will not forgive u a second time"
Politics genius spotted.

Author — Waqar Saleem


Caesar: I am the senate

Brutus: Not yet

Author — 4 mana 7/7


This is where Caesar and Octavian differ: Caesar's magnanimity was his undoing, Octavian just went all Sulla on his oponents and cleared his road to empire! Someone should have said the wise words of Bronn of the Blackwater: "You want people to love you, so much, you'll end up the most loved dead man in the city".

Author — moxe


Ciaran Hines is Julia's ceaser best interpretation of the man ever !!

Author — nobby roberts


Always get goosebumps every time I see Cicero hold up his hands in that stance as he delivers his notion. The show pays homage to his skills as a master orator

Author — Anthony M


Caesar wanting to break up the latifundia and give land to landless Romans was what got him killed. The elites didn't care a fig about the republic as long as they had most of the land and plenty of slaves.

Author — Gabby Mouse


"I love democracy. I love the Republ...
- Wrong text !"

Author — Ombreloup


The Roman Republic was the farthest thing from a democracy and Caesar simply increased the living standard in Rome and expanded political power to the Plebs while also creating a stable society. Caesar was the farthest ting from a tyrant, he was a savior that saved Rome from its fall for 400 years.

Author — Ryan Rusch


The curious twist of history : the old guy must be Publius Servilius Vatia Isauricus, who was the Princeps Senatus that time - (the eldest senator presided the Senate meetings) untill he died in his 80 in the early summer of 44 BC. He was a great general when he was young, and Julius Caesar begun his career path serving under him and fighting pirates in Cylicia. He was a great general, subdued the cylician pirates, conquered Isauria . Plutarch and Aelian say, he enjoyed a great esteem and despite his age, he was in a good form until his last days.

Author — True Roman Cat


Ciaran Hines played Cesar to perfection.. presence, kindness, humility, ruthlessness, intelligence and an authority no one could question... may or may not have been true but here you see a man that conquered all before him... it was the reason I enjoyed Rome.. despite the dodgy accents.... brilliant.. even an Oscar would have been too small for his acting...🤔🧐

Author — Francelee Paris


"For the many, not the few" - Iulius Caesar

Author — wicksinn


Make Rome great again! Build a wall and make the barbarians pay for it!

Oh wait, they actually did it...

Author — Kankai Gentoku


Julius caesar is the greatest man in roman history

Author — Jose Rivera


The Republic could not have stayed a republic for very long. empire was inevitable i'd say.

Author — Pat121V


It was as he said just before his death, "I want the Senate to be filled with the best men in the Republic, not the richest men in Rome."

Author — Willaev


The thing about Caesar and Octavian is that they were both ambitous and patriotic. They sought to better themselves but they also sought to readdress serious problems plaguing rome, namely the increasing use of slave labor which was leading to massive unemployment among the lower classes. That they would use force was pretty much inevitable since the fate of both Gracchi brothers proved that the upper classes wouldn't accept much needed reform peacefully. In addition, Sullas actions also proved that the roman people would accept temporary (and very violent) tyranny in return for stability. 

Author — LordMunchkin


I love how Anthony's is in the back quietly waiting for his chance to take over

Author — daliniab mich


He's gonna light the biggest fire that Rome has ever seen...

Author — Saadcrates


Oh Cicero, I was wondering when you would mention Lady Catherine de Bourgh :p :p

Author — Olivia Trevis