Ancient Aliens: Element 115 (Season 11, Episode 13) | History

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Ancient Aliens: Element 115 (Season 11, Episode 13) | History 4.5

Experts discuss the creation of a new element and what it means in regards to aliens in this collection of scenes from " #AncientAliens

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Ancient Aliens
Season 11
Episode 13
Beyond Roswell

"Ancient Aliens" explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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Who came here immediately after Joe Rogans Podcast with Bob Lazar?

Author — Please Sub To Me Live Giveaway at 1000 subs


Lazar claimed the 115 connection *_IN THE 1980s_* and he was correct.

Author — DrHillbillyShow


“FEEL THE POWER OF ELEMENT 115!” - Dr. Edward Richtofen

Author — TheElectricCherry


Explain something to me, how can element 115 be discovered by Sweden when Bob Lazar talked about element 115 in the late 80's?

Author — Carlos Zuniga


Bob Lazar was and is the real thing guys! He spoke the truth! Just deal with it already!

Author — Λουκάς Κλαρνέτατζης


Somewhere out there, the legendary Bob Lazar was saying, "I told you so...".

Author — Cнucк Sнеrмan


It's really weird, I remember seeing this interview from Bob Lazar years ago, in the 90's sometime, and it was denied by the Government. Now, all the sudden, we HAVE it?.. Come on, the Government isn't very transparent, and we ALL know that!

Author — doginwoods


Bob lazar, this dude, I tell ya, is the real deal

Author — NinJia


That is why people always say the military is 20yrs ahead of us in terms of technology

Author — keron Gray


Zombies? 115? I thought it was not real, but what!?

Author — Panzer 1919


Who else clicked on this video with CoD: zombies in mind?

Author — Ben Nice


This wasnt created in Sweden.

It was created in a site called S-4 near Area 51.
Bob Lazar claims its existance 25 years before it was 'created'.

Aliens are already here. Everywhere.

Author — Lugso


Cod black ops : mason the numbers, what do they mean?
Me : element 115 has to do with antigravity and aliens.

Author — note importa


Two words “Bob Lazar” I believe every word he has spoke

Author — Daunte Parrillo


"We must get to ze 115 zenerators"- Edward Richtofen

Author — just some guy with a hitler mustache


bob lazar was correct. now here is proof.

Author — Ryvr


Who’s here to do research on Area 51 Before you raid it?

Author — Kareem Raquib


Who checked this video out after Bob Lazar interview with Joe Rogan? Man he is the truth!!!👽

Author — Johnny Dunn


In 1989 Bob Broke the story of area 51. Even though everyone found out about it and knew it was there, the government didn't officially verify it until recently. Bob spoke of element 115 in his 1989 video about the spacecraft and propulsion abilities and he claimed to have smuggled some out of area 51. You can watch that video as well. At that time the element didn't exist and the media crushed him. He also stated that he took friends to see the test flight of an alien craft and guess what you can watch that video also on youtube. Bottom line - Bob told the world about area 51, element 115, test flight and all of it can be proven. PS. Bob also started his own business and created aerogel, the second lightest substance know only second to air. It has been used on space probes and was the material used to track comet debris where they found the building blocks of life. All true!

Author — Kevin OConnor


This actually makes me believe bob lazar

Author — Kj Phantom