FAST MOBILE BUILDER on iOS / 1210+ Wins / Fortnite Mobile + Tips & Tricks!

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FAST MOBILE BUILDER on iOS / 1210+ Wins / Fortnite Mobile + Tips & Tricks! 5

1) How do I record / stream?
- I use the elgato HD 60 to capture gameplay and audio and I use the program OBS to create my overlay and broadcast what my elgato is capturing straight to YouTube.

2) What device am I using?
- The iPad Pro 2018 11" and the iPad 2017 as a backup device.

3) Do I play with a controller / mouse and keyboard?
- I play "claw" on my iPad where I use four fingers to control my screen, my left index finger uses the shoot button while my right index finger switches between guns and builds that I want to use. My right index also uses the jump and crouch button and flips ramps / uses the edit button. My right thumb looks around the screen and is used to open chest / loot / or edit walls and my left thumb uses the joystick.

4) What sensitivity do I use?
- Touch: 0.40, Touch ADS: 0.40, Touch Scope: 0.80, Vertical: 1.00

5) How long have I played Fortnite on mobile?
- Ever since it was released I was playing Fortnite on mobile.

6) Why not play Fortnite on PC or Console?
- There are already a ton of pro players that are known on Console and PC, I did not want to take the time to "get good" on those platforms when mobile is like second nature to me. My entire channel is based around mobile games so why move over to another platform. Im here to grow the mobile community as much as I can and I hope you guys stick with me through it!

7) How old am I?
- 19 years young.

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What do you think about the new switch/mobile lobby’s

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U are the best mobile player ever. I Have fortnite on My iPad too but voicechat doesn’t work. How can i fix that?

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People who play claw are sweats no cap

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And quit saying your the fastest build cuz im better than you

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