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00:00:00 Sonata I
00:02:22 Sonata II
00:04:51 Sonata III
00:07:29 Sonata IV
00:10:30 Sonata V
00:13:56 Sonata VI
00:16:53 Sonata VII
00:21:41 Sonata VIII
00:24:56 Sonata IX
00:28:31 Sonata X
00:30:53 Sonata XI
00:34:38 Sonata XII
00:38:12 Sonata XIII
00:43:15 Sonata XIV
00:46:48 Sonata XV
00:50:06 Sonata XVI
00:56:06 Sonata XVII
01:00:42 Sonata XVIII
01:03:55 Sonata IXX
01:09:05 Sonata XX
01:12:27 Sonata XXI
01:19:17 Sonata XXI
01:22:37 Sonata XXIII
01:27:39 Sonata XXIV
01:33:28 Sonata XXV
01:38:04 Sonata XXVI
01:42:48 Sonata XXVII
01:46:46 Sonata XXVIII
01:50:24 Sonata IXXX
01:56:44 Sonata XXX

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This tipe of music is soo underated

Pop fans can go away
This is true music at it's purest form
Made of actual talent

Author — Original name


Amazing music. After 350 years, none of its charm and power has faded. Played excellent. Thanks much!

Author — Hans de Ree


He is the one of the great composers you never heard of

Author — King Kyle IV


I have an old Scarlatti LP that I picked up many, many years ago from a thrift store. It is a prized possession. Thank you for the video! The sound quality is incredible! :)

Author — Scarlett


harpsichord so much a treat to listen too. almost feel like the instrument is saying "your welcome." every time.

Author — IVAN Galliot


I can feel the story and the feelings behind these masterpieces and i love it

Author — SuckySuck


...just a wood box with metal wires...the builder, the composer, the musician... superb!! faith in human kind restored and reloaded

Author — Cochipit


Suas seleções são magníficas! Muito obrigada 😊

Author — Marta Gomes


My man Scarlatti was a straight G !!! 💯
This music is truly next level and far out!!

Author — John Plumley



Author — Remember Lindisfarne


This music is amazing in that the classical composers (Haydn, Mozart, ) put a lot of his ideas to work in their early keyboard works; thus, baroque/classical.

Author — Chuck Bermingham


I like to play this during fancy dinners XD

Author — Екатери́на Stalin’s mum


Thanks, really amazing Baroque classical music tune is melodious! Sounds good n light, so incredibly n intensely wonderful great piece! Peace and love while listening to this video! Awesome!🎶🎧

Author — Bronson lkm


I am unironically listening to this while studying unit 1 of AP European History, namely the Renaissance.
ngl this slaps

Author — The Entire Astra Militarum


Proper times for specific sonatas (since description timestamps are a little messed up). If you see any mistake, inform me in the sub-comment and I will adjust :-)

00:00:00 - I
00:02:24 - II
00:04:57 - III
00:07:39 - IV
00:10:43 - V
00:14:10 - VI
00:17:09 - VII
00:21:59 - VIII
00:25:17 - IX
00:28:54 - X
00:31:20 - XI
00:35:05 - XII
00:38:42 - XIII
00:43:47 - XIV
00:47:25 - XV
00:50:44 - XVI
00:56:46 - XVII
01:01:24 - XVIII
01:04:42 - XIX
01:09:55 - XX
01:13:19 - XXI
01:20:11 - XXII
01:23:34 - XXIII
01:28:38 - XXIV
01:34:33 - XXV
01:39:10 - XXVI
01:43:39 - XXVII
01:47:59 - XXVIII
01:51:41 - XXIX
01:58:07 - XXX

Author — Artex1222


Oh God I love Baroque Harpsichord music so much, I feel like a noble or something haha

Author — Alfin Ananda Putra


wonderful music, grazie Signor Scarlatti!

Author — Chaim Brownbasketball


The sound of the harpsichord reminds me somewhat of the reeds of an old french pipe organ.

Author — potatobrah001


You cannot put Baroque and Classical in the same sentence because they are not the same!

Author — Diana Green


i love making snooty facial expressions to this style of music. . .

Author — omar10213245