How I Slay My Cheap Synthetic Wigs

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How I Slay My Cheap Synthetic Wigs 5
Hey babes! Today we're finally doing one of my most requested videos, how I slay an affordable synthetic wig from start to finish. As you know, I've been rocking with my real hair a lot more lately but wigs still have my whole heart. I went ahead and bought a simple lace front wig for about $30 to show you how I do all the steps of customizing and applying it. You know I love a deal so basically all my wigs are around this price range. All the steps are fairly simple for anyone who's even just getting getting into wigs. I'm by no means an expert but I try to make them pop as much as possible. You can apply these same steps to any affordable lace front wig of your choosing. I'll leave the link down below for this one. Hope you enjoyed the video. Love ya 😘

The wig: (color: creamy blonde)

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I just realized that I naturally have the hair of a cheap wig.

Author — Abigail S.


Who else doesn't even wear wigs but are still here?

Author — Lucy


Yeah, im a guy whos always wondered why it takes women so long to get ready.
Seeing this has given me a new found lot are artists.

Author — Jack London


I’m a dude and have never worn wigs in my life but I just love watching these transformation videos, is it weird that I find them relaxing lol?



Girl with that face u can slay every thing

Author — Carrel


If you plucked to much, gather some of the loose strands and fold in half, thread the loop formed through and back up around the lace strands, place the ends of the folded strand through the loop and pull tight. You have just made a lark's head knot and fixed your wig.

Author — Mary Hornbostel


I just watched a 14 minute video about wigs and I don’t even use one

Author — I


You look so beautiful with the bald blonde hair!

Author — HairOrDye


“Draco malfoy” 😭😭 I love the short cut!!

Author — Maya Elizabeth


ive alwaayysss wanted to go pixie almost bald & just slay wigs & youre living the dream omg i love

Author — Kaileyah Molina


the hair line look a little bit too big or is it just me? that's how i can tell it's fake otherwise it's looking pretty

Author — I'macat


I feel like I need to see more of the plucking I still
Don’t get how to do it.

Author — Sky Articles


Why don't they just cut most of the lace off when they make the wig?

Author — drooce mcgruff


"The technology is there its just not in my budget" guuurl, i've def said those words before while i worked on my ghetto concoctions lmao nice video

Author — smokin ace


i dident notice her earring that whole time

Author — Tahni 666


Slayed! I love how you reveal all your mistakes. It's more helpful than when someone gets on here and acts like it all went perfectly and then I try it and eff it all up

Author — queene813


You’re beautiful, you look like a little fairy 🧚‍♀️

Author — Ally Joy


I dont think baby hairs like that look natural. But your wig does look good.

Author — XpetraXpazlX


Thank you I showed my husband my hair just growing back because of my Endo it feel out in clumps I rocked the fun under cuts and shaved side for 2 years to hide my hair falling out my I miss having hair in pictures.. so going try wings

Author — sentarra Silva


Hahaha!! Your intro with the wig! Got me dying! 😂😂💀💀 But girl!! You look amazing in that wig! 😍😍

Author — Bo Vang