Airbus A320 Crashes in Pakistan | Here's What Really Happened to Flight 8303

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Airbus A320 Crashes in Pakistan | Here's What Really Happened to Flight 8303 4.5

Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303 was a domestic flight between Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan. On 22 May 2020, the Airbus A320 operating the flight crashed a few kilometres from the runway, while on a second final approach to Jinnah International Airport, after a failed landing. Find out what might have happened.

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I worked tremendously hard on this video. However, some animations might not be 100% accurate as the accident occurred just four days ago, and there is not much data available. As soon as more information is released, I’ll make a new and more accurate video. Also, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family of those who have lost their loved one onboard PIA Flight 8303. 😢

Author — TheFlightChannel


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how much effort this guy puts into his videos it’s amazing thanks m8

Author — Lieutenant Dolphin


How is it that YouTube monetizes your content on this subject and de-monetized my content on this exact same subject?! Is it because of channel verification? Great graphics! (that's a TON of work to produce). Thanks for posting. Juan.

Author — blancolirio


Latest info says gear was deployed 10 miles out, then retracted five miles out!
Pilots busy chatting about pandemic, ignored alarms, and landed a perfectly good airplane with the gear retracted.

Author — falconeaterf15


When pilot went for belly landing in 1st attempts then how could he go for a go around after damaging the engines after touching it to the ground?😶 Earlier it was a technical fault with the plane but pilot's decision for goaround killed them all. Its a pilot fault & i mean its common sense that you have got only 1 attempt in belly landing bcz your engines will get crashed obviously.
RIP to the lives lost

Author — Danish Makkar


There is a reason PIA is banned from flying thought Europe and in the US.

Author — HeyReb


As an active A330 captain and having flown the A320 for more than 7 years allow me to make following remarks:
1. During the first approach the aircraft was obviously quite high (possibly also fast) and the gear seems to have been forgotten up apparently as a result of focusing too much on making the landing and avoiding a go around (which could only be just a little embarrassing and nothing more). Approaching high (and fast) can happen in everyday operation as a result of accepting shortcuts by ATC or just simply mismanaging the approach. The safest course of action for that is to cancel the approach and request new vectoring and not force the approach and landing.
2. No pilot makes a belly landing without first completing the relevant checklists and informing the tower. The warnings were for some reason ignored (continuous repetitive chime and most probably also the “TOO LOW GEAR” which by the way cannot be cancelled unless the gear is lowered or a go around performed).
3. After watching a video of a runway inspection it appears that the aircraft touched down with its engines 3 times before going around.
4. As a result of the engines scraping the runway, it seems they got damaged and failed after a while leading to a dual engine loss as also evidenced by the extension of the RAT (Ram Air Turbine) which also comes out automatically if the two engine driven generators are lost.
5. On the second approach the landing gear was down as seen in some videos (so no malfunction) and the aircraft crashed with a very high pitch up attitude which implies it was very near a stall (roughly around 100 knots) obviously in an attempt to delay the crash as much as possible. It is very possible that the gear was lowered quite early after the go around and before the engine failure(s). This explains why the aircraft struggled to climb as with only one engine operating (assuming one failed first) and the gear down the aircraft climb performance is seriously affected. Finally, had the gear remained up, the aircraft might have made it to a more open space near the airport if not to the runway. The gliding performance with gear up is around 3NM/1000ft compared to gear down which is around 2NM/1000ft (meaning that for every loss of 1000ft of altitude the aircraft travels 3 and 2 nautical miles respectively-/1NM=1852 meters).
All this is of course hypothetical and we have to wait for the official accident report to find out what really happened.

Author — Angelos Nikolinakos


This hurts my brain, from what I've heard, they FORGOT to extend the gear. Not the landing gear had a problem, but that they retracted it 5 miles out. Unacceptable. Intolerable.
"They requested them to lower their altitude""He responded with 'I'm satisfied" What the f? They can't be pilots.
If there was a problem, they should've said so. Literally doesn't even say anything about a belly landing. They had to be on something.
Literally violated every possible rule in the book. They literally had warnings blaring at them. They had more than 3 minutes to put their gear down.
If you can sit in a cockpit, you have the competence to lower your gear and not be deaf for 3 minutes.
People's lives were in the hands of two idiots, probably was on alcohol or something.

Author — Kelvin


OMG these pilots were given licenses what the hell

Author — Dean Ryan


That crew was less qualified when you listen to their audio you will know it

Author — peshawarDance King


The pilot is really a plumber....I reckon he sat in the cockpit and went, " right, where do I put the key"..….

Author — Super Gooners


Plus, the pilots were talking about coronavirus and weren't focused, human mistake too.

Author — Curly boi


All the people who died because of this crash didn't have to die. Only if the pilots were competent enough...

Author — Ahnaf Ahmed


"too low gear" why didn't they do gravity extension?



1:15 I thought it said the flight was being operated by a 15 year old

Author — hazaigham


These are the most incompetent pilots. First they were too high. No pilot would belly land an aircraft without telling the tower in order to have the emergency equipment standing by. Obviously he forgot to put the gear down. Was the tower asleep? Why didn't they notice the aircraft didn't have gear down and send the aircraft around.

Author — Ronald Anderson


This is what happens when u have second rate airlines u get 3rd rate pilots

Author — Mark Noble


Absolutely shocking actions by the flight crew

Author — John P


If that audio was real there were numbers of mistakes pilot performing first his may day call was too late when landing gears were not opening he have notify everyone on comms and second when engine was on fire he didn't use fire extenguisher and try to restrat enging which gives plane some extra miles

Author — peshawarDance King


That there were two survivors among the passengers, and no deaths on the ground is an absolute miracle

Author — Lawrence Haguewood