Elex Review 'Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?'

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Elex Review 'Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?' 5
Karak takes a look at Elex for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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PiranhaBytes? Arent they the dudes who made Gothic?

Author — Dragon Slayer Ornstein


Is it just me or did they do a bad job at marketing this game? I never heard of it till now and it looks like something that should be a lot more popular. Hopefully they fix the ai, its wishful thinking to even hope for them to fix the other issues though.

Author — S M


Hah, classic Piranha Bytes game then, lol. Will I still get it? Absolutely!

Thanks for the review.

Author — Sterman99


Had never heard of this game before this. Looks pretty interesting though, great review!

Author — Trent Penter


Elex may be not for everyone, but the Piranha Bytes Games always deliever in areas where other RPG's are lackluster.
It's no polished mainstream product and thats totally okay.

Author — Sh0cklyz


first 20 hours was tough, i didn't mind the AI, as for most of the time i preferred to travel alone, i love how hard the game is at the start, basically i spent good amount of time in Goliat, just doing bits and peaces to lv up just to be able to advance my attributes and skills so i could get a crappy armor and a better sword, but then slowly you progress and start exploring - which i think is the strongest part of PB games, with Elex being best example. The whole experience is slow but so rewarding, traveling further and further from the areas you got to know, discovering all kinds of things, meeting new companions, factions, or just crazy monsters and of course finding a great Loot . I am having a blast with it. 80 hours and counting , did all the missions possible before joining faction, saved the game at the point where all factions would accept me, and joined one, that way after completing the game you can just load and join a different faction to see their point of view, and how it affects the ending. I would Recomend this game to anyone who loves open world exploration RPG's . Yes it is rough as shit sometimes, and has issues, but i think it's a rough diamond that has so much to offer.

Author — M V


Nothing there...
Nothing to be had there...
Nothing to plunder....

*Runs around the corner, heels kicking buttocks, gets stung to death by a bloodfly*


Will buy Elex ASAP.

Author — Marijan Karaula


Maybe I pick it up. Clunky rpg's are kinda a guilty pleasure of mine, and it's been a while since I last saw one.

Author — TheGodlyCheese


I'm excited because Gothic was awesome

Author — Unknown User


Wait I never heard of this. First glance reminded me of Technomancer which I just played through in the summer and really liked!

Author — Calinks


So much to like. Held back by so many issues. If you are like me and like PB's games you may like it. But for now the AI and various other littles things NEED to be patched.

Also sorry for what some are calling very late game spoiler stuff. I tried to steer clear of it and its quick enough I think it passes. apologies

Also any stutter in the video is I guess youtube. So odd. Its not been doing well with its transcodes. But aside from the drops as I said in mists and random little bits it actually is very smooth.

Author — ACG


Phirana Bytes is a very odd developer for me. There was a time when they where my all time favorite developer and Gothic 1 and 2 was my favorite all time games for a long time. Gothic 3 came out a buggy mess unfortunately, but with the help of an excellent community it became a really great game. Then they released Risen 1 and while it had its issues it brought me back to the golden days of Gothic as a true spiritual successor to that franchise. But then things started to go wrong. Risen 2 was abysmally bad in both setting, story and the combat somehow got worse. I barely even scratched Risen 3 before dropping it as Phirana Bytes seem to not really improve a lot on their game design with each new game. And I still hated the stupid pirate setting.

Combat and animations has not really evolved much since the old days and I don't really understand why they are so stuck on these kinds of archaic combat systems. What Phirana Bytes excel at compared to any other RPG developer though is making interesting worlds to explore. There is always something cool to find in their games, and a lot has to do with the fact that the world is more static and there is no stupid level scaling or any such system that makes exploration kinda pointless. It is just sad that they don't try to improve the aspects of their games that constantly gets criticized.

I will probably pick this game up later on when it is on a deep sale as there is something magical about the exploration in their games, but they really need to start to get with the times as I am not sure i can go through such a long game with such a lame combat system.

Author — Merwanor


I love Piranha Bytes games. Gothic 3 (with the community patch, of course) is my favorite game of all time. This is the game look forward the most this year. I am sure it will be buggy, glitchy and with technical issues, but I love the atmosphere and handcrafted feeling in their games.

Author — Andreas Abelsson


Oh Piranha Bytes, i hated your combat since 2003. or something... But... I still... adore your games <3. Can't wait to play it, exploration in their games is just fun (If you like exploring). And graphics are charming in their own way, even though some textures and weird polygons are dated. Also who wanna bet that angryjoe will hate it? He trashes every PB game (((but still plays it)))

Author — Klaüs Smooth


I was recommended this Review in the commentsection of Gamingbolts half-assed video. Since I'm a massive Gothic fan, a game series also made by Piranha-Bytes, I was really interested in this game. Looks nice and 45€ doesn't sound too much. I'm glad it's not a total disaster. Great Review

Author — AkantoreX


finally a deep rpg. i honestly dont give a crap about the janky combat or lackluster ai, i just want a big detailed world to immerse myself in while roleplaying and this game does just that. the world is just incredibly well crafted with tons of npcs who all got some unique stories to tell. also lots of different choices during quest, which is a big plus in my book

Author — HDStreichholz


I've been waiting for this...THANK YOU Karak for this particular review. I've been a Piranha bytes fan since 2001 when I played Gothic 1 for the first time and fell in love with their type of games.

Gothic 2 specifically is my 3# game of all time and seeing your review solidifies my purchase even more.

I cannot wait to dive into this game the second it becomes available tomorrow.

Author — Darkholow


Hey Karak, could you review divinity original sin 2 please

Author — Shaunak Deshpande


facial animations look better then mass effect

Author — Goodeus Maximus


Choice to players doing quests? Great. Mix of weapons and abilities? Yes. Large open world. Yeah! I will buy it when i finish divinity 2 and AC Origins. I think this game with patches will be just the fun i needed after finish the games i mentioned.

Author — Designer Azevedo