New enrollment down at Evergreen State College

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New enrollment down at Evergreen State College 5
Freshmen enrollment at Evergreen State College has plummeted since the infamous 'Day of Absence' and the targeting of now-former professor Bret Weinstein. #Tucker

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I hope Evergreen does shut down. Let them be an example that we Americans do not stand for racism against ANYONE

Author — Flawed and Beautiful


Students are rejecting racism. Evergreen is clearly a racist College.

Author — Dre Zee


Good, defund the college completely.

Author — William Baker


Good, Evergreen got exactly what they ask for!!!

Author — jo phoenix


50% less ppl being indoctrinated praise be.

Author — Nick Smith


Who wants to go to a college and be discriminated against?

Author — MOB RULE


Does this racist Campus still receive Federal funding, if so, why, as it's discriminatory.

Author — Wyatt Family


I hope they close Evergreen! Why should taxpayers support this spawning ground for psychosis??

Author — El Guano


The people who did the damage to Evergreen got away with it. The College president allowed the school to be destroyed. Leftists are never held accountable for their crimes.

Author — Easy Eight


Close the school. Evergreen is rotten to the core., When a education systems allows a SUPER RACIEST like Naima Lowe to speak to students It becomes very apparent the school has lost it's way. Now the College is very tainted in the world's eye. Who would higher a student from that school? NO ONE. . I was surprised Evergreen had 300 kids sign up. I will bet that most live in the area. But closing the College would be the best move for all.

Author — Rider of A Pale Horse


I would not want ever green on my resume . Gross

Author — vee bobic


Would you want a student from this college in your workforce?

Author — Jayne J


Time to open that second campus in Venezuela

Author — ebaylistentomusic


I wouldn't even go for a free tour, or even look at their website.

Author — DiabloSpiritus


What did they (including the "adults") think was going to happen?

Author — SupaEMT134


"...As soon as they took power, they did it themselves." The dark ages of leftist censorship and media control is upon us. In the past I did not take Fox News seriously. I cheered for Combs, not Hannity. Now, it is the last of the legacy media to proffer self evident truths. You towed the line, and now your day has arrived. Fox is the top rated news source for a reason.

Author — CHAS1422


Nutjob college ..
Let's see if the black mob kids can't get jobs after graduating

Author — Seattle Issues


Serves Evergreen Right
I hope it closes.
As for brown
It gave way to feelings instead of facts. Wow doesn't get more communist then that.

Author — Jokester Master of laughter


*Evergreen is yet another example of the face of intolerance, bigotry, ant-white racism, demagoguery and fascism....all in the name of PROGRESSIVE LIBERALISM, (cultural Marxism).*

Author — BloodOfYeshuaMessiah


Let them wither on the vine.
They want to push this leftist, violent agenda they do not deserves to survive.

Author — Space Ghost