अदरक के 10 फायदे और रोगों के उपचार? 10 benefits of ginger and treatment of diseases? Sadhguru Hindi

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अदरक के 10 फायदे और रोगों के उपचार? 10 benefits of ginger and treatment of diseases? Sadhguru Hindi 4.5

अदरक के 10 फायदे और रोगों के उपचार? 10 benefits of ginger and treatment of diseases? Sadhguru Hindi

Ginger is a quality spice. It has been found to be beneficial in diseases ranging from cold-cough, digestive and general pain to cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Learn about ginger in detail…

Use of ginger in ancient times
Even before historical records, ginger was cultivated and used as a spice and medicine in India and China. The early medical texts of both countries describe in detail the medicinal use of this spice, both fresh and dried.

Ginger is mentioned in Chinese texts of the fourth century BCE as a medicine for the treatment of stomach problems, nausea, diarrhea, cholera, toothache, bleeding, and arthritis. Chinese herb experts also use this herb in the treatment of all respiratory diseases including cold and cough. In the fifth century Chinese sailors used the vitamin C elements present in ginger to treat scurvy in long sea voyages.

Ginger is considered one of the most important herbs in Ayurvedic texts of India. Even he himself has been described as a full treasure of medicines. Ayurvedic doctors recommend taking it as a powerful digestive as it stimulates the digestive fire and increases appetite. Its nutrients are easily accessible to all parts of the body. In Ayurveda, ginger is also used in the treatment of joint pain, nausea and discomfort caused by motion.

Let's look at the benefits of ginger:

Benefits of eating ginger
Reduces chances of cold
Improves digestion
Helpful in cleaning blood

Things to note
Ginger should not be given to children under two years of age.
Generally, adults should not take more than 4 grams of ginger a day. It contains ginger used in cooking.
Pregnant women should not take more than 1 gram daily.
You can use dried or fresh ginger root to make ginger tea and drink it two to three times daily.
You can massage the affected area with ginger oil a few times daily to reduce excessive swelling.
Ginger capsules give better benefits than other forms.
Ginger can interact with other medications, including blood thinners.
Always contact a doctor for ginger supplements information and potential side effects for a particular problem.

Ginger tea recipe
This healthy tea recipe will fill you with freshness and vitality. Also, it does not have the side effects of caffeine.
Boil four and a half cups of water in a pot. When the water boils, crush a 2 inch piece of ginger with 20-25 basil leaves.
Put this paste in boiling water with dry coriander seeds (optional).
Let it boil for 2-3 minutes.
Sieve the tea into a cup and add 1 teaspoon lemon juice and jaggery to taste. Drink hot.

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