EFAP #191 - Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. EFAP vs. RLM

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0:00 EFAP intervention
1:09 Welshness
2:28 Youtube issues & planning
3:52 Part V
5:39 Tweet & SW fake deaths
8:54 Kenobi & RLM
15:47 Room code
18:29 Umbrella
21:16 Opening: The Bar
27:49 The Best Thing About The Prequels
30:36 Obi-Wan Is Boring
41:34 Star wars future projects
44:07 Back to RLM
45:49 Youngling Hats
50:03 Order 66
57:00 Army of SW defenders
1:00:10 Super Generic Trailer Music Edit
1:03:14 Cheapness vs Incompetence
1:12:16 Slapping vs Geonosis
1:16:55 CGI is BAD
1:43:54 Rogue One
1:48:19 Back to RLM
1:50:38 What is Canon?
1:58:27 Efap Focus & Disney’s Video-games
2:01:07 Credibility & Suitability
2:07:47 Kenobi vs Mustafar (1)
2:12:41 Vader vs Anakin
2:23:08 Kenobi vs Mustafar (2)
2:24:53 Rich’s Take
2:28:19 Relevant Superchat
2:34:00 Anakin = Vader
2:37:19 Mike’s Take
2:38:18 What do you do?
2:43:54 Leia Knows Who OWK is
2:54:44 Baby Leia
2:57:41 Low Expectations
3:04:50 Fringy's Variety Quarter: Shy Guy
3:19:16 Superokkey
3:22:35 Slow & Awkward Action
3:27:18 A Casual Conversation
3:28:33 Tala
3:35:25 Leia
3:39:24 Canon
3:42:32 The Adamantium Bullet
3:47:39 Discrepancy or not?
3:49:23 The Hotel
3:51:24 Mike’s point
3:54:51 Rich’s point
4:02:24 A Titanic Joke
4:04:52 Rags & Flash
4:06:20 The state of Disney
4:09:04 The Most Boring Character in SW
4:10:35 Light Years
4:13:15 Obi-Wan is Boring
4:20:12 Length of a fight
4:24:40 How many hands?
4:28:05 A Triumph
4:34:25 Interesting = Good
4:35:30 Some Way To Grow
4:41:10 Damaging Star Wars
4:49:30 What the fans want
4:51:30 What the writers want
4:54:00 Conclusions
4:55:30 RLM are fun
4:58:30 An Opportunity to run away
4:59:58 Origin of a Supervillain
5:06:28 Digimon of the day
5:09:09 First Live Efap
5:10:03 Animal of the day
5:11:30 Superchats (1)
5:14:30 Creepto, Krypton, Crypto, Kenobi, Calvin
5:18:35 Newspapers
5:21:20 A Long Videogame Tangent
5:28:15 Pokedex
5:30:42 Jay’s mic & Superchats (2)
5:32:40 Animal of the day
5:33:32 Superchats (3)
5:34:48 Supermassive Game
5:39:00 The Boys
5:40:34 Immersion, Mechanics & Morality
5:49:53 The Last Of Us
5:51:00 EFAP Micro: Art & Artists
6:16:30 Jay
6:17:12 Superchats (4)
6:18:15 EFAP TV Reveal!!!
6:20:11 Superchats (5)
6:22:03 RLM Strange Behaviour
6:25:03 Superchats (6)
6:31:26 Army of the dead
6:36:06 Superchats (7)
6:36:33 Days, Weeks, Years, Decades & Centuries
6:47:18 Planning ahead
6:48:34 Kenobi Good
6:49:19 Superchats (8)
6:50:45 Animals of the day
6:54:54 The worst awakening
6:58:30 Superchats (9)
7:00:30 Metal goes to sleep
7:01:28 Jay & Metal’s Star Trek Podcast
7:03:28 Naming podcasts
7:05:38 EEAAO score
7:06:37 Superchats (10)
7:09:05 Maverick
7:10:36 Stranger Things
7:18:20 Soma & Jay’s meme (1)
7:20:07 Realistic Action in a Movie (1)
7:23:00 Jay’s meme (2)
7:24:12 Realistic action in movies (2)
7:27:43 Gungans vs Grievous
7:28:56 Lightsabers
7:32:37 Kenobi Part I
7:34:28 Superchats (11)
7:38:17 CGI
7:43:29 Superchats (12)
7:59:53 Closing & Planning

Author — Julian Doe


I agree with others who say RLM is probably checked out on Star Wars in general. But I think another aspect is that RLM is so emotionally invested in how much they dislike the Prequels that it may be hard for them to admit (consciously or unconsciously) that there can be Star Wars content that's worse than the Prequels. You can tell from some of their statements in their Kenobi video that they still have visceral reactions to the Prequels. The Prequels were to them what TLJ and other Disney Star Wars content is to many of us.

Author — montanaman654


2:45:50 The reason the beginning of Leia's message sounds weird in the context of already knowing him, is because *she is introducing herself to him*. She doesn't say "I'm Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan" to remind him who she is, she says "you served with my father in the clone wars". She's giving context for why he should care what she has to say. You don't do this for someone you've already extensively associated with.

Author — Gobs


Heck, at this point, Obi-Wan and Leia spent more time together than he and Luke did.

Author — taterboob


Watching this and the RLM video itself, it really does feel like the guys just don't give a shit about starwars at all anymore, so the Kenobi show is now just another 'best of the worst' episode for them. Not shocking they like it for just being "cheap" and "bad" it fits the meta, with that in mind Rich's hot takes seem less hot and more eh whatever statements of a man who has been done for a while.

Author — Max R


"How come everyone that has terrible opinions always have horrible hairlines?!"

- Wolf 2019

Author — Lieutenant Nomad


Darth Maul's survival was certainly stretching it already, but I think people could kinda accept it because for one, the Clone Wars series used him for some pretty good stories and secondly, because surprise survivals hadn't become a habit yet.

Later instances had neither the quality stories to justify bringing the character back to live, nor the benefit of being the sole exception.
In addition it feels so overdone by now, that even fully intentional fake out deaths leave a bad taste.

Author — Lord Daro


Saying obi wan vs vader in the show is better than obi wan vs anakin is one of the most insane things I've ever heard

Author — XRPhoenix


Man, I still cannot believe that both Mike and Rich came on mid stream to respond to EFAP's critisms.
And when Mike convinced Mauler to do a face-reveal AND do all that breakdancing, while Fringy was handing out ewok-passes, that was peak EFAP.

Author — doomfeast1102


I understood your joke Rag's, sorry it didn't land. But then again, neither did the Titanic.

Author — DrSzu


So, Reva put a tracker into Leia's Droid to make sure the Inquisition could follow her, but then tries to stop her when the princess tries to escape with Obi-Wan. Even if it's a failsafe it's still bizarre considering that Leia was locked up into a fortress 'no one would be crazy enough to attack'.

Author — Martijn Steinpatz


Kreia in KOTOR explains the Sith and Jedi training styles in the best detail. I miss well written characters

Author — afrojive


RLM’s Kenobi video feels like they’re in the finally stage of grief where they sorta just accept that SW is in a perpetual state of mediocrity and is just along for the ride to see anything that makes them somewhat entertained.

Author — King Bash


What helps the prequels is that you can feel they were made with good intentions, the sequels not so much.

Author — Entertainment News


"Can we snipe them?". Stormtrooper snipers would be the scariest thing in any battlefield, with them no one's safe. Literally, no one.

Author — 84C4


Naughty EFAP, you can’t call Maul’s death bad, because he was bisected either above or below the stomach. Josef Mengele concluded back in the 40s that ruining the stomach like a grandma is the only way to kill something…

Author — eHob


I don't understand how a single stormtrooper bonking its head means stormtroopers can't ever be serious.

Look up military mistakes, they goof off, or fall down, or hit their heads all the time. It doesn't mean its incompetence.

Author — Butters /k/un


40:58 in the 2003 clone wars, grevious gets a moment to shine and he's really fucking good in that show; we see him displaying good military tactics and also his ability to take down jedi. two of the things that he does is he often tries to either make the jedi stressed out and scared before fighting them (see him vs ki adi mundi and 4 other jedi fight) along with using his sheer speed and strength to overwhelm them, or in the siege of coruscant, he tries to get the upper hand on them by surprising them. one of the things that's cool and leads to his downfall though is that since he has no connection to the force he can't really counter any force users, and if he's in a long drawn out fight the chances of him getting hit by say a force crush or something increases, he ends up getting severely weakened because he got cocky and tried to take on mace windu without the element of fear or surprise on his hands. but yeah grievous is cool, wish he had a bigger role in revenge of the sith.

Author — Archon


The thought of needing the stupid hat to identify that they're younglings is hilarious like officer she wasn't wearing the hat how was I supposed to know

Author — John Doe


Yeah, so many times during that RLM video I stopped to think, “Oh boy, the massives are gonna have a field day with this.”

Author — HappyBirthdayPaulie