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Greatest Sports Moments 5
Relive the most iconic, unbelievable, funny, notorious, and inspiring moments in sports history featuring legends such as Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods, and many more. *READ BELOW FOR MORE INFO*

UPDATE: I AM IN THE PROCESS OF MAKING REVISIONS AND IMPROVING THIS VIDEO, SUBSCRIBE AND STAY TUNED! I’m sorry I could not include everyone’s favorite moments, I tried to get as many as I could. Yes, I am an American, but I did my best to do research and incorporate worldwide plays.

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Edited by Dylan Stradley

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1) SORRY ABOUT THE ADS. I don’t control them, and certainly don’t make any money from this video.

2) Sorry for the weird cut at 1:10, I had to remove a clip of Tiger Woods because it blocked my video

3) I hear you loud and clear! I am making revisions to this video. There will be some things removed, and many things added. More non-American sports and moments, as well as small captions on each clip to provide context. Please subscribe and turn notifications on so you don’t miss it. Also follow me on Twitter @dylan_stradley

Author — WTD Productions


The amount of times I got goosebumps watching this was insane

Author — Noah Gomez-Dueso


I cannot believe it, a video titled “greatest sports moments” and it’s actually all the sports with important moments of each of them. As someone who watches every single major sport, I thank you.

Author — Javier Aceves


Watford vs Leicester in my opinion the best football moment ever. Goosebumps every time I see it.

Author — Michael 1


For united fans the video starts at 0:33

Author — BlackWolf


Without Sports, life doesnt have sense !

Author — Lucas Dovigo


Watford Leicester greatest sport moment.



Nothing in sport will ever compare to Leicester City winning the Premier League as 5000/1 underdogs. Ever.

Author — Josh 1


That goalie saving the pk to a counter goal in 97th min is hilarious crazy

Author — Darth Flaco


When zlatan come to your house he give you the WiFi password

Author — RogueRoute s


Dude the editing was amazing.
And even if I didn't understand everything that was going on, because I don't know much about US Sports and the history behind it, the athleticism and emotions were impressive.

Author — Bear Grylls


Bruh why this video makin me cry over sports... Honestly this is edited really well though

Author — passion-fruite


This earns the title of "Best YouTube video ever created".

Author — Vamos Orlando


Cool vid but each play is a lot more meaningless without context. I, for example, am a football (soccer) fan so I know how the first clip was a last-minute comeback on the last game of the league were the victory was necessary to win the title over their rivals. This adds so much more value to it. For the other sports I watch less frequently, I can only assume they were important matches or late winners yet that doesn't give it the merit I bet a lot of these deserve.

Author — Javier Pinanes


This is what i would show my students if i were a teacher.

Author — can lan


I have watched sports videos in the past.. this one gives me all emotions you can think of. Whoever you are, have done an amazing job. Thank you

Author — Daniel Gomez


How did Suarez' and Maradona's handball make it? Also, missed Barcelona 6-5 PSG

Author — Kevin Murphy


could people stop with soccer and football debate we play different sports because we love them respect all the sports

Author — Dipesh Grg


You should include Iceland soccer team Viking chant

Author — Trent Nosky


The Goal of Cristiano Ronaldo is incrible!

Author — Renan Alves 》