5 Personal Rivalries & Feuds That Changed The World

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5 Personal Rivalries & Feuds That Changed The World 5


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Unknown5 needs to be orating E-books as a side gig. I would listen to him read a damn math book. #UnknownVoice

Author — Death By Cognitive Dissonance


Does Skillshare offer courses in how to defeat my enemies, salt their fields and enjoy their women?

Author — Daniel Wallace


You are what other top 5 channels wish they could be if they weren't lazy.

Author — Fish Abuser


16:56 You know crap's stirring up hard when someone dies of an ear infection.

Author — Hans Von Mannschaft


Love your content. One correction, from a biologist. Cleopatra was bitten by a venomous snake, not poisonous. Venom is injected, as in snakes. Poison is ingested, as in poison-dart frogs.

Author — somerandombird


I’d say Caesar and Pompy would be a more important rivalry to highlight.

Author — WillJM81280


game of thrones is based on the war of the roses

Author — adam liam alipaz


Octavian looks like those Engineers from Prometheus.

Author — Alex Mercer


Amazing. The Roman civil war story is fascinating

Author — MrSh4des


Pretty sure Stalin had Lenin poisoned in addition to Trotsky’s assassination

Author — Kitana Kojima


What about spy vs spy from Mad magazine.. those two have been going at it for years

Author — JP W


Absolutely love your videos ! Keep up the incredible work!

Author — The Legate


Honestly my favorite channel on YouTube can’t wait for you to blow up

Author — Depressed Jesus


Henry VI vs Edward IV
Napoleon I vs Alexander I
Oliver Cromwell vs Charles I
Cicero vs Catiline
Julius Caesar vs Pompey

Author — Caped Crusader


Hannibal vs Scipio
Cato vs Caesar
Michelangelo vs. Leonardo da Vinci

Author — Lux Dolor


Although I love your videos I must say that you didnt the even mentionthe most important rivalry of all time which is Hannibal vs Scipio this rivalry made rome the most powerful empire in the ancient world yet despite their differences they respected each other and in the end Hannibal committed suicide far away from carthage in asia minor after being defeated by the romans and scipio was accused of corruption and in the end he died having exiled himself from rome and he choose to be buried outside of rome saying " ungrateful fatherland you will not have my bones"

Author — panos katrin


28:00 I like the slow crawl up to the beast's head, but before THAT, you see it's *BLUE JUNK*

Author — Sgt_Hoagie


It is not too logical to include the Saladin - Richard I rivalry, given that the very video emphasizes that there was nothing personal, and that this video is of PERSONAL RIVALRIES.

Author — Alberto Serna Rivas


How can you make a simple sponsorship announcement sound like Skillshare has untold, dark secrets that have cost human lives?

Author — MrSamulai


Hej hej! Always love the videos. Can you do a 5s list for obstacles in besieging a castle/town? For example, Alexander the Great’s famous Siege of Tyre.

Author — Kylie A. Figueroa