Metal Musician Tries To Understand Grindcore

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*Can confirm, Grindcore is a food processing method*

Author — Nik Nocturnal


This video should have been 13 seconds long to keep it true grindcore

Author — Andrew Baena


Grindcore is what non-metalheads think all metal sounds like.

Author — Shannon M


floating head tries to understand grindcore

Author — UNFD


As a fan of grindcore I can understand how hard it is to get into. The bands I recommend are napalm death, brutal truth, carcass, machetazo, pig destroyer, nazum, rotten sound, and agoraphobic nosebleed.

Author — Solider from Tf2


I’m a a big Napalm Death fan and I legitimately don’t see why other people can’t bind to it. Like seriously, it’s such a vibe

Author — michaelmusic213


Imagine telling someone you learned a full song then you just play the 1 second song

Author — Shr3dL0rd


I like how shocked Nik is that You Suffer has 5 million views but he had already liked the video...

Author — Stigen Jackson


Grindcore also sounds like an oddly sexual dance move.

Author — Freezing Jazzy


"Anything can be a genre dude, add some peanut butter, add a lightswitch and you got some peanut-electricitycore"


Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


There is lot of great grindcore out there. Napalm Death, Rotten Sound, Nasum, Pig destroyet and Agarophobic Nosebleed are my fav. Slipknot’s Eeyore is almost grindcorey.

Author — NorthTimo


Theres great grindcore bands. Bro without grindcore and metalcore from the 80s you wouldnt have metalcore and deathcore of the 2000s. To me its has roots in Crust Punk and takes hardcore punk to the extreme. Interestingly sludge metal and grindcore fused into this really cool extreme style that encompasses all forms of extreme music. You should check out more recent bands like Dystopia, WVRM, Full of Hell

Author — FREQ


The grindcore rabbithole goes deeper than most would ever expect

Author — Isaiah Rodriguez


It's a real shame when people talk about grindcore, the underground dogs never get mentioned, the ones that kept the old sound alive throughout the decades instead of going for the more clean sound of today. Or the experimental acts of the 80's and 90s, who many were criminally underrated.

All hail Warsore (Australia), Unholy Grave (Japan), Agathocles (Belgium), Rot (Brazil), Gore Beyond Necropsy (Japan), Dahmer (Canada), Denak (Spain), C.S.S.O. (Japan), Noiseslaughter (Germany), Disharmonic Orchestra (Austria), Blood (Germany), Prophecy of Doom (UK), Carbonized (Sweden), Xysma (Finland), G-Anx (Sweden), Dead Infection (Poland), Impetigo (US), Tumor (Germany), Arsedestroyer (Sweden), Groinchurn (South Africa) and Le Scrawl (France).

Who all brought something new to the table, and are all very unique in their sound, something that can be quite hard in a genre where most of the bands sound the same more or less.

Author — Brynjulf Hårfager


I'm gonna be honest, I have a hard time believing you made it as far as you have with metal guitar playing, and never once happened upon Napalm Death or heard You Suffer. You've gotta be hamming this up for the video. I've genuinely never met anyone who listens to metal and wasn't simultaneously aware of grind. Can't wait for your next video where you check out this super underground band no one's ever heard of called Cannibal Corpse.

Author — Avalanche Reviews


I have been pretty depressed lately but watching Nic has helped me get away from my stress. Always a good laugh.

Author — Samicus Maximus


I need Nik to make a peanutelectricitycore song.

Author — Oblivion Productions


It's weird how you were totally unaware of this genre..untill now.

Author — Zigmee kane


This guy could have typed in notepad or word but no his insanity is immeasurable.

Author — Paul Maurice


bro i’m 22 and been listening to grindcore for like 11 years and Human 2.0 by Nasum is by far one of the most accessible grindcore album you’ll ever listen to. Nails is also pretty good if you wanna get into the genre even tho they’re considered powerviolence as well

Author — winterfrost99