W.A.Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Complete) Slovak Chamber Orchestra

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W.A.Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Complete) Slovak Chamber Orchestra 5

W.A.Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Slovak Chamber Orchestra

1. Serenade. Allegro
2. Romance. Andante
3. Minuet. Allegretto
4. Rondo. Allegro

Slovak Chamber Orchestra
Bohdan Warchal Conductor

Rec.: 1973 by Opus Czechoslovakia

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This is the best version that i've heard on here so far. Everybody else seems to play it too soft or slower or faster than it feels appropriate. Here it's all the strength and boldness of music present in sonic form. Lovely.

Author — mayankho


1780 person to his friend : "Yo Larry you gotta listen to this new beat drop"

Author — J. Jonah Jameson


Man! who ever composed this must've been a GENIUS! amazing!

Author — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Dear YouTube

Please stop playing ads at the middle of the beautiful song

Thank you

Author — Bolek Olejnik


For 1973, this is a pretty good recording.

Author — __spencer__


Some things are music, but this is Nachtmusik.

Author — Andrew B


0:00 You trying to flirt with a girl .
8:02 She falls in love with you .
13:35 You both are getting married .
15:47 You got a baby .

Author — Mohd Adeeb


Stop scrolling through the comments and do your homework

Author — Cullen Roberson


heard this on little einstein’s when i was like 5 and devoted the next 7 years finding it

Author — gauge


He composed this during one the saddest moments of his life after his daughter and dad passed away yet he shows miracles! God's instrument

Author — Ravisankar ravindra vikram


"I was born in the wrong generation" Most people couldn't hear this back then though lol

Author — Gerard Le Vaar


Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran's a millionaire with two chords and a loop machine 😂

Author — CALH


Mozart started showing his talents at the blooming age of five and died at 35. We wish you a happy afterlife in heaven because you and your music has helped me through my most hard times, providing me with happiness and hope for the future. Your music has always made me feel alive. And I also want to thank HarpsichordM for providing us with this beautiful serenade in this hell of YouTube, with thanks to the Slovak Chamber Orchestra for being able to recreate such a beautiful piece of music in its fullest form. May you see the face of heaven. I wish with all of me.

Author — Music For The World


YouTube at least had the decency to put their ads in between movements.

Author — Emma Nelson


I want to go back in time, to the Age of Reason.
"Because.. reasons."

Author — Davey Bernard


Not to be overlooked in our enthusiasms is the Slovak Chamber Orchestra, who in this iteration, have provided the wind upon which the mighty wings of Mozart have flown once again so brilliantly

Author — Montse Maján Martínez


im having the best time alone in my room, waving my hands, eyes closed, conducting this wonderful piece .

Author — Wissal Filali


Ahhhh yes mozart's eine kleine nachtmusik, Most commonly known as The Song That Plays At Fancy Rich People Parties.

Author — Unkn0wn Mang


When you use "thy" in your essay for a magical dazzle.

Author — nohA丶F


This guy is good, he should be a professional composer

Author — Idam