Top Sony PS4 Accessories: GameSpot Holiday Gift Guide

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Give the gift of a PS4 bundle this holiday, or hook someone up who already has a PS4 with these accessories! Headset, controllers, VR, we have you covered.

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Just a warning guys; DO NOT buy the Gold Wireless Headset.

The plastic headband starts getting small but increasing cracks in it until eventually it completely snaps in half. I've owned 2 pairs since they first came out and both went the same way. Many, many others online have also had the same issues with the Gold's.

If you can afford a bit more, buy the official Platinum version instead which has a metal headband thus no breakage and also has 3D audio compatibility.

Author — F1Fan89


Why recommend the gold headset when the platinum exists and I'm sure is better

Author — Ryan Campbell


Psvr is so fun, I love playing skyrim on it

Author — Tyler Clolinger


That headset will snap within six months.

Author — Graham Stewart


I actually now noticed .. that is not a real fireplace but an actual TV

Author — Aakash Chrispin


I believe the Pro comes on a minimum of 1TB only

Author — Jin Kazama


I want the Thrustmaster GT steering wheel

Author — Marvin Garza


Should I buy the Platinum headset or there is another model that is better.?

Author — LightOfSkyFalling


I didn't know it was a tv it looked so good

Author — Amir Rhau


Should I buy the two terabyte memory??

Author — Darkboy5109


Playstation 4 is the best thing to happen to Sony.

Author — Franco Yauri


Can anyone recommend some best wireless headsets for PS4 under $150?

Author — BuGGy2DaB


BS, that gold headset is designed to break, get that platinum if u really want it. This whole commercial is poorly done and for no brainers.

Author — Lu Ezio


The Gold Wireless head set is trash, cheap build quality that snapped after a few months, plus its old and outdated.

Go for the new revamped version (Platinum Wireless Headset) which has 3D audio!

Author — ironmatto3


Why are you lying. fix this video. PS4 Pro comes with 1terqbyte default. Never was a 500GB option and it retailed for $350 not $450. XD

Author — Deontre Thomas


Dude i dont get anything for Christmas cuz i don celebrate it. Even if i did, my parents are a huge no game fan sooo yeah...

Author — Hakan Yorganci


2million subs....


Author — DogBert02