LSSC Full Uncut Interview: James Comey

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LSSC Full Uncut Interview: James Comey 4.5

Watch Stephen Colbert's full unedited interview with former FBI Director and 'A Higher Loyalty' author James Comey.

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I was here. His answers are well thought. I miss logical talking so much.

Author — 9arm


What a brilliant man Mr. Comey is. His responses were articulate, well reasoned and well structured. Thanks Stephen for such a good interview.

Author — Jason Barnes


Good interview. I respect his honesty and the decisions he made and hearing his thought process and reasoning around why and how he made them. I believe he's credible and ethical and loves his country and it's justice system and was wrongfully dismissed. I hope that his hopes for his book and country are fulfilled.
Best unintentional joke of the entire interview was "He's tweeted at me probably about 50 times...I've been gone for a year...I'm like a break up her can't get over. I'm out there living my best life and he wakes up in the morning and tweets me". 😂😂😂

Author — Thelangel


I love this man! Pure integrity. When Trump is gone, I hope he will come back and serve our country.

Author — Solange Bstunglips


Late night interview with a former FBI director fired by a former reality TV star turned president? WHILE drinking wine out of paper cups? 2018 is something else.

Author — no thanks


James Comey is a serious and bureaucratic version of Stephen Colbert. I like him. I’m buying that book.

Author — Zero Zero


On Trump “Im like a breakup he can’t get over”

Absolutely brilliant 👏 👏 👏

Author — Banksy Banksy


Get his book on audio. It's great to hear it in his own voice.

Author — Debra Jensen


Comey seems like a straight guy which is why I think he fell out with Trump because Trump has been crooked his whole life

Author — Mark Carey


Stephen usually clowns around but man he’s displayed superb interviewing skills here. Surprisingly interactive questions.

Author — Mohammad Danishmund


l really like James Comey. I feel in my heart, that this man is a good honest man.

Author — james gregory


masterclass on how to interview and how to handle being interviewed

Author — Mughal


I believe Comey was, and is trying to be an honorable man.

Author — robhomemovies12


Never seen a character with this extent of integrity, logic and sincerity. A man who stops at nothing to pursue what's right not what's beneficial. A massive loss not only for D.C but the whole USA.

Author — H Rob


I see now what Obama saw in Comey. Such an outstanding man.

Author — Gabriel Musa


Is it just me or are all perceived "enemies" of Trump either ex-pornstars or men more intelligent, taller and more eloquent than the orange man child.?

Author — Shoan Dutrieux


Yeah, it's no wonder he was fired. There's no place in Washington for that kind of clarity and incisiveness. Great interview.

Author — Mark Lattimore


Absolutely, we as Americans should not normalize trump's disgusting behavior. It sounded like a small, but loud group who cheered for Coney's firing. I think Mr. Comey is 100x a better man than trump. This was a very good interview. Well done.

Author — Box of chocolates


"I'm like the breakup that he can't get over." Classic.

Author — Tom Reilly


James Comey: the insider America wants.
Stephen Colbert: the interviewer America needs.

Author — Emm Bee Sea