PM speaks to Barbadians ahead of Tropical Storm Dorian

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PM speaks to Barbadians ahead of Tropical Storm Dorian 4.5

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Good advice Prime Minister. I hope the residence are listening and taking heed. May God cover and protect our island with his love in Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Author — Loraine Codrington


Father God please watch over Barbados and her people, grant them favor at this time we ask in the name of your son jesus Amen

Author — Heather Ifill


This is good information, and may god bless barbados in this time

Author — Jason Brathwaite


We shall pray that our People of the Beautiful Island Barbados be safe. With the Blessings and Grace of the Almighty God I wish for the best outcome. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Author — Marlene Pollard


Everyone needs to pray for GOD to protect us

Author — hannibal Smith


Lord have mercy on the Island 🌴 of Barbados 🇧🇧 Your eyes have been thru and fro upon it for those that are watching and praying, are waiting on the coming of the Lord..and are of good courage.

Author — Shirlene Alleyne


My Sisteren, many blessings to you and the People of Barbados. Jah guide and protection.

Author — Mr Michael Cadogan


Bajans seem to be well on point and ready for any eventuality

Author — dougiemm - Natsar


Barbados is gradually building resistance against storms, hopefully that doesn't open up a can of complacency. Be safe

Author — Finite Wonder


Why an island that is not larger than my backyard, call themselves country or nation?, is not funny?

Author — Parrot Sarnoso


That wasn’t cute Mia you can’t remember things with a D lately hmmmm
You know about. “P” tho

Author — Diana Rogers